Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

1'68 ëißt Ghrifti4á'lr Tliciriry, or, 'And ¡otor the unceìtaintyot our fume ettactatter death. le ra true, checttaee or the dead,in regard ofnaturalunderflanding,it may bea thing uncertain and obfcure, yet from the fecrec Revelation of Gods Spirit, the Saints in tome meafureknow how ztors. it will be with themafter death, Wekeow though our earthly Tabernacle6edeflrayed, we havea building givenus of Clod. All there things are helps to give us comfort againfl the fear of death, and thole Enemies that death comesattended with : that though is be an Enemy,yet is is a fu clued Enemy. i A reconciled Secondly, it maycomfort its, to Confider that death is not only a fubdued, buta re-' Enemy cdñciled enemy ; ofanenemyitis made tobea Friend :Itisfoto allthefaichful;fuch a friend, as they have not a better in theworld. It is moll certain, the wicked have not a worfe enemy in the world thandeath, and thegodly have not a better friend; Co ye (horrid fee ifI had leifure to (hew you,on the one fidefrom what labourandcare, and mifery,ic helpeth to free them ; and on the other fade,to what comforc,andrefs, and pcace,ard j +y, helpeth to bring them. ; An Enemy Laflly,it tit ay comfort us, to confider that as death is an enemy, a fubdued enemy,a chat at salt reconciled enemy Co is lean enemy,that at lafi (hall be defiroyed. The time shall come (hail bede- when Death and ¡liel! fball be call into the Lakeoffire ; the'meaning is (I think ) tróyed. they (halt be (hut up in the bottomlefs pit, where they shall only have leave toexer. 2ew zo. eife their piweronthe vil, and'Tlamned Reprobates that lie there in torments. Death on the one fide (till gnawing of themthat they ever die,andyet Hell on the o therlide,llillp efervingof them, that they shall e.verlallingly live. Bathe godly,and chefaichful (fall have their part and portiongiven them in the Refarre eionto life, where they ihall never tafleof death more. What the Apouile faithcfChrift, is ;roe ltom.6.9. of all thofe are in Chrift, when they are once dead, they !halldie nomore, D:ath kth nomare'dominian over them. But !cannot enlarge thofe comforts ; yet(belcved) "I have a word ortwoofcouraela Pony hatkcn to it. Bticflf thus. L1fe_r. Cltrilï though he have overcome, and deflroyed both death and fin for us for ,Foiìn(fmftt- ever, vet no withlí"hding he will have us exercifed allo in fubduing and over- on. I coming them; Chrift bathnot fo fougyt.for us, but hewill have .ne allo fight for our felves As he hathovercome Death, fo mull we forour parts, that we flow to be shay have the comfort of that that Chrift hathdone ; death being an enemy to us, preparedfor wemull prepare and arm our (elves againll it, that it may not be anEnemy too death.- firong.. .. And for yourbetter DireEtion takethere few words. Die to fin, Firll,' Remember that death is the wages offen. Is is fin that lead death into the world ; It is in refpedt of that, that death is an Enemy CO r and not die in you Mac, it would be no Enemy at all. Now then (beloved) y fins, let your cart be to die to fin: Labour tohave fin die in thee,and then thou (halt not die in that. When thou haft committed drunkennefs,orprophanenefs,&c. think with thy felf, this is pleafant and faucet now; but how will this tafle another day, when I shall come to lie upon my death-bed, and my foul shall yet on my pale iios, ready to take herflight, and bebrought before theJudgment feat of Chrift ? What fruit will thefethings bring then ? What comfort, and peace, and joy, will it pre- cure to theConfcience then? Oh ( faith Abner to Jacob) knowef thounot,t bat this will be bitternefs in the end? Ic will be as gall and wormwood, therefore if ye would not hawsdeath be bitter then, let not fin be fweet now : Part with fin betime. That is the fir(} a Live to God. Secondly, learn to walk brambly with God betime, and betime put your felves in iway of Repentance, and newObediente i Takè heedof dallying with God, and procrafcinating, and puttingoff the time. What is thereafonwhya.fortdie(as Pline faithCome de, thatare (lung with-the Serpent Colemion )fome laughing, fome raging, Tome fottifht:andfecure, others hoping, fome'difparing? They have not been careful to walk with God while they lived; ,btcaufe they wanted care then, they want comfort now. They that remember not God in their Life, ( faith S. 0.Xu(lin) it isjail with Clod to forget them in Death. The Apoftle S.Peter have