Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

Conque f> overVeaths Enmity. i 9 have us lookfor newheavens, and a new earth , whereindwelletb righteoufnefs. But never look thou to dwell in that heaven where righteoufnefs dwelleth, except righteoufnefs dwell in thee : And he exhorted: us; that we be foundofGodin peace ar thatday: that is fweet and comfortable indeed ; but remember , Peaceand boli nefi together, ifwe would be found godin peace, we mutt befound ofhim in ho- linefs o Walk in holinefsandupìVhtncfs, and then peacefloat' kiffe thee on thy death- bed. Markthe upright andOft man, the endofthat man ispeace. Thirdly , the better tofubdueDeath. be willing to meditate and think oft of t lieoftinIhe Dèath, learn the Art ofdying, pra&ife the way ofit betime, learn to die daily. ",=dilation of How (hall we do that 7 de,th. I will (hew you. Confider wehave many little deaths tó undergo in the world, aswe have, many delights ; Learn to inure and acquaint thy felf before hand with thepatient and quiet bearing and enduring ofthefe many troubles and croffes that befall thee, As Agamemnonfirfl overcome the Lacedemoniantby wraflling, and then byfighting; and Bilncyfirfl burnt hie &nger inthe Candle, that after he might the better indare the burning of hir body at the flake. So think with your (elves, If 1 cannot endure a little, how (hall I endure more ? If I cannot endure a light crots, a (mall affli &ion, do I murmur at that ? Am I impatientand repine at that ? How (hallI bear thepant of Death, whenthey come ? Therefore let us inure our felves to a meek , and Time bearing of ldfer ftripes, fo we may be better able to indure heavier ftrokes. Many ofus lay out a great deal ofcare, how to live in the world , we had more need to take care how to die, nn hen we diall leave the world. Study the Art ofdying ; That is the third. Laftly, that we may the better habitue Death, that it may not be anEnemy -too 4, Settle au thong ; Learn before fo to difpofeofour felves, and order our affairs, that when things before'i 'Death cometh,we may have nothingto dobut to die. Getall differences reconciled hand , that all doubts fettled, all reckonings ordered : fequefter our felves" from all other avo- cations, that nothing may interrupt us, when that work is to go in hand with. Put thy houfe in order( faith God to Hezekisb ; ) I fay fo to every one of you. Fir(t, your outward houle, that which concerneth your worldly citate, put that concern the bottle in order. What ? woulçleft thou make thy Will and teftament, and be trou- outward luau, bled about that, when thou had(t more need to have that Will and teftament, con- firmed that Ch rift bath made ? And then let thy foul andconfcience, thy inner houle in order , let not confci- ence be to leek then ofany thing that concerneth thee for thy peace toward God The inward. and man. Die thus and die happily. Though Death be an enemy, yet thou (halt not behurt ofit, becaufe it is fubdued, and at lait thou 'halt get the vi &ory over it, when thou (halt fee it utterly deflreyed. And now as I have exhorted you to do this, by may Of councel , fo yet a little further I çraVe patience, that I May encourage you to do it by way ofexample : By the example of this blefled fervant, and Saint of God, for whole octafion you have given this meeting, and I have preached this Sermon. Give me leaveto do by her, as MaryMagdalen did by our SaviourChrift, to break a box of Spiknard and pówer it on her, that I may anoint berfor her burial. Concerning whom, though I could fay a great deal, yet ( knowing how well the was known to you) I (hould not be afraid to fay toomuch. Yet on theother fide ( becaufe the night is far fpent, and becaufe fhe was fufitciendyknown to you ) although I fpeak but a little, I (hall fpeak enough. She dwelt among you : who is he that can fpeak ill ofher? who knew her but reported wdl ofher ? The Apoftle Saint Paul reduceth all the pra tical parts of Chriftianity to three heads; Livingfoberly, andrigbteoußy, andholily: The grace of God( faith he)hatb Tit3'rr: appeared, andteacheth ue to do aI(this. Shehad learned to live foberly ; She was a pattern ofSobriety. Sober in hell countenance, in her diet, in herapparel, in her fpeech, in all herbehaviour. ei4nd the grace of God taught, her to live righteoujly, both in thofe things that concern the worksof juftice, andthole things that concern the works ofmercy ,- bothare referred to righteoufnefs. Z For