Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

171 THE GREAT TRIBUNAL OR, GODS SCRUTINY OF MANS SECR ETS. SERMON xIV, ECC LESIA S T. 1.2. 4. For God R ill bring every Work into 7udgrnent , 'kith everyfcret thing, whether it be good , or whether it be evil. Í r . .e,;a . i "#tiá 0 +li+FNkAL Eath and Iadgment are two fubjeis , about the meditation, of which, our thoughts Ihould every day be converfant ; we Ihould every daybe thinkingof thole twodayes. Every day, upon the day of death, becaufe there is no day wherein deathmay not befal us. And every dayupon theday of/udg- ment , becaufc as theday ofDeath leaveth us, fo the day of judgment findeth us. We had an occafion like to this not luny frnce.Then (youmay remember) I difcourfed ofDeath, confdered asan Enemy. I (hewed you what kind of Enemy. I (hewed you what kind ofEnemy it is : it is a commonEnemy : a ferret Enemy :' a fpiritual Enemy. Now at this time ( having the like occahnu) I thought it not amifs for nie to difcourfe of that that comcth immediately after Death, that is Judgment. The Apoftle faith Heb. 9. 27. It is appointed to all men once to die, andafter Z z Death òherence.