Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

THE STEVVAR SERMON I. Luke i6. z. Givean account ofthyStekarclfbipforthou maift be no danger Stevard.. N the Chapter going before, our bleffed Lord and Savicnir had preached the Lloftrine of the Free Grace of God in the R.emiffionof Sin, and receiving, of Repentingand Re- turning Sinners ; in the Parable of an indulgent Fathers receiving of a prodigal Son. ThePharifees were a People that hardned their own hearts , and fcoffed at every thMg that Chrift delivered : therefore now in this Chapter, he %..... cometh to fummon and warn them to appear before God, to great Mailer of the world , to give an account of their ftewardfhip ; that by the confideration of Gods proceeding in the day of Judgement, they might know thebetter how to prize the Remiffion ofSins in the day of Grace ; This I e doch, by prefenting to them a Parable, of a certain rich man, that had ei fteiyard who was accuPd unto him, that be had wafted his goods, calleth him. to an account : and to the end that the Pharifees might not think that it was a mat.L ter to be jelled withal, and that fuch confiderations as thefe were to be flighted ; he telleth them, how the unjuf1fie:yard having received this furnmonsand warn- ing from his Mafter, that he mua cometo a reckoning, he forthwith for hii own temporal good,caffeth about that he may thebetter be fitted to give up his account: thereby teachingthem , and in them all theworld ; that if thisRewardhere, ( for , hisown temporal benefit ) was thus careful to prepare hinifelf; howmuch more I fhould they, and every one be careful to prepare themfelves for that great day of Account, wherein God will come to judge theWorld; andbring to light all thing's that are hid in darknefs. In thefewords ye have two things confiderable i A Narration, 7 and ofthe Parable. AnApplicaticin B The The Coht- ECOce . Diviiiosi ofshe words.