Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

The TABLE. !ternoviebnum ; or Man his 'aft Progrefs. Page 473. E CCL ESIAST. 12.5. Mangoeth to his long home, and the mournersgoabout theJireces. Tempus potationis ; or theRipe Almond gathered. Page485. G E N. 15. 15. Andthou /ball go to thy Fathers in peace , thou 'halt be buried in agoodold age. to Paan; or Chrifis Triumph overDeath. Page 493. ICoE.15.55. ODeathwhere is thy (king? O Grave where is thy Mier)? Fate Fatum ; TheKing of fears flighted, , &c. Page Sol. Ho s. 13.14. ODeath 1 willbe thy plagues. Vox Celi , The Deads Herauld. rage 509. A r o C. 14.13. And Ihearda voicefrom Heaven, faying, unto me, write, blfed are thedeadWhich die in the Lord, from henceforth; &c. Mori, Brabaum: or, The Conquerors Prize. Page 517. A ro c. 14.13. Sofaith the Spirit, that they may ref?from their Labours, and their works follow them. FaithsEccho, or the Souls A ar E x. Page 557; LE V. 22.19. A al E N, Even lbcome Lord jefue. Deaths Prerogative. Page 539. GE N. 3. 19. For daft thou art, andunto daft thou 'halt return: ThePatriarchal Funeral. Page 549. G E N. 50.10. And hemade a mourningfor his Fatherliven days. The true Accountant. Page 559. PSAL. 9-.12. So teachas to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wifdom. The Juft Mans Funeral. Page 57;. ECCLES. 7.15. Allthings have I feen in the days of myvanity ; there is ajufi man that perifhetb in his rigbteoufnefs ; and there is a wicked man , that prolongethhis life in his wickedneft. The Righteous Mans Service to his Generation. Page 587. ACTS 13.36. ForDavid after he badferved his ownGeneration after the willofGod,fell afleep,&c. The Crown of Righteoufnefs, &c. Page 597. 2 TIM. 4.7, 8. I havefought agoodfight, I havefiniJhd my courfe, I have kept thefaith ; hence- forth there is laidupfor one a Crown of Righteoufnefi, which the Lord, the righ- teous judge, floodgive meat that day; andnot tome onely, but unto themalto who love leis appearing. Natures Good-night. Page r. LUKE 8. 5z. And allwept and bewailedber s But befaid, weep not, Ike isnot deadbut fleepeth. A Sermon Preached at the Funeralofthe.Lady Eliz, Cape!. Page 19. PsAL. 90.15. So teach us to number our days, thatwemay apply our hearts unto wifdom. Days appointed to wait for a Change. Page 41. JOE 14.1 All the days ofmy appointed time will 1wait till my change come. THE