Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

176 Reaf. z, Real: 3. Aá. t7 =r. B.eafi 4. Thegreat Tribunal, or, many muftitndes and millions of thoufands of all kindred añel nations, fhould all be fummoned to appear before one )zudgment feat. But as Saint Aufthi faith , Confider who is the doer , and then thou wilt not doubt. It is true indeed with men, fuch a thing asthis is impoftible, but with Godall things arepoble. Could God at thefirftdraw all things out ofnothing, and cannot God as well bring to- gether all again, when they are turned tonothing ? Could hemake that body of thine out of the duff ofthe earth, and cannot he raife that body, when-it is turned toduft ? Could heunite that body to the foulin the time of the Creation,and can- not heunite it at the timeof the refurreEtion ? Certainly tbete is nothing impóffi- ble, too hard, to the great and terrible voice ofGod ( as Saint Chrifoflome faith ) to that voyceof God that cleaveth the rocks, that breaks the brazen gates afunder , that loofinetb thebands ofdeath. Therefore unlefs thou queftion the power ofGod, no doubt buthe is able, and can bring all ofus to Judgment. He will do it for the manifeftation ofhis power. Secondly, as for the manifeftation of his power , fo for the manifeftationof his wifdome. It is a point ofwifdome , when one bath made a thing, to bring it to the intended endfor which he made it. Beloved, This is Gods intended end in ma- king ofus : therefore he brought as hither into the world, not that we fhould have alwayes a Beinghere, but that after a certain timewe fhould be diffolved , and put into an everlaftingcondition, therefore Saint 'Peter freaking of the falvationof Gods ele&, he callethit, the endof theirfaith: not only the end they afpire, but that end that Godbath alligned , andappointed them to. If God fhould fade of his end, we might call his wifdome into queflion : it might giveus occafronto fay , that he undertook that , which hewasnot able to accompiifh : fo that inftead of (hewing himfelfwife, he fhoúld Phew himfelf w cake. Therefore except we fhould call his wifdome into queftion, doubtlefshe will call us one day toan Ac- count. Thirdly, for themanifeftation of his truth t noting gainethGod morehonour, then that he is faithful and true , in whátfoever he hath promifed. Now this day of judgment , is the day wherein God hath promifed to recompence the faith of the godly,and bath threatned to punilh the wickednefs of the wicked : hebath ap- pointeda dayfor it, faith the Scripture, Aás 17. 3F What though it be a great while time the promife was made: for all this we mutt not think that God isflack as men account ftacknefs; the flacknefs of men is when they keepnot their promife according to appointment : wemutt not think God is fo flack, he alwayeskeep= eth his day that he bath let , he never faileth of his promife , but when the time is come , he keeps touch, he breaks nothis day. As it israid, Eyed. it. 4t. after thefour hundredand thirty rears that were expired that Godfpaks to Abraham , the very fame day, all the childrenof lfrael went out ofi=gypt. Howmany promifes and threatnings after do we readof, wherein he never failed of the performance of what he fpake the leali tittle ? therefore ( faith Saint Gregory ) we have feen fo many of Gods promifes, already verified, that we may be confident, that thole that are tocome, ftullalfobeaccomplifhedt furely he will not fail in this, but as cer- tainly as he bath promifed, it flaIll come to pals. So that unlefs we thall deny the truth of God (who the Scripture faith cannot, it is impoble that he fhouldlie) we muff of neceflity beleeve , that for the manifeftationof his Truth there will be a day of fudgment. Fourthlv,as for the manifeftationofhis Truth,fo ofhisfuflice,and Mercy. I will put them together. It is the property ofJuftice to renderpunifhmentsto tbofe that have done evil: and of Mercy to recompence thole that have done well. Now there- fore for the manifeftation of his fuflice andMercy this day muff come. It is true, here many times wickedmen fpeedbetter then Gods people: Aman mayfin ahun- dred times, andyet ggodprolonghie dayes : and the childrenofGod on the other fide,' are perfecuted and negle&ed :fo that here he givethnot retribution to every one ac- cordingto his works. Whereas it {tandeth with equity and juffice that well-doers fhould 'be rewarded and evil doers fhould be punifhed; the ftream runneth con- trary, wicked, men fpeed well, and goodmen ill: Naboth cannot have a parVine- yard