Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

QodiScrutinyof M4nr. Seci.etr. 177 lard, butone rich Ahab or tither is ready to get it away : They ear my people at bread: and they eat the bread of Gods people : they eat the inheritance of the fatherless, and de+.tear :Mddoos bottles : Io that here all is turned topfie- turvey, as if the world were a thing cruciated, tearing it (elf. If this world Ihould la4 always, where were Gods.juflice? And therefore for thrmanifcltacinn ofGods jaflice and mercy, there múlt he a day of retribution, when for that portion of forrow that the godlyhave had here , they !hall have a portion of happuiefs and joy ; and when for that cup of pleafure that the ss icked have drank here, they !(tall. have put into their hands a cup of trembling andwrath. If 'Dives enjoy his goad tStings here, let him look for a day, when he ¡hall be denied a drop ofwater : If' t azurite have had his ill things hete, let him look when the day 'hall come, that he Vasil be rewarded. Ekcept we willdivelt, and !tripGod ofall his Attrìbutes,deny his power, his wifdom, his truth, his juflice,and mercy, we cannot but confefs,that certainly thereis aday to come,whenGodwillbringut to judgement. That is for the firft. 7hat theday of judgementJhallcome. In the next place we are to confider;as that it shall be,fo in what manner,and how s. In wha' it (hall be. Briefly ; tie irs.enncrofthis lodgement, isletforth to us in the Scripture,friba." in fiveparticulars ; Firft, theSummons Secondly, the Appearance: Thirdly, the Separation. Fourthfy, the Trial. Fifthly, theSentence. Firi, the Summons, All (hall be summoned to come before Gods Judgement'( The lam- feat : and this Summons of theirs (ball be by the - voyce of Chrifl himfelf: The dead i ``tons. in the grave¡hall hear the voyce of thefon of man, and they !Ball come forth, xte. yob. 5. 28. Thisvoyce in Scripture is called the Trump ofthe Angel ; Hefhallfend; lob. 5. is. hit Angell, and they¡bailgather the 'Elea together, from thefour winds, Mat. a4. 31. Most St, The Trump jball blow , and the dead !hall arise , t Cor. ry. The Lard ldmfiif jhaQ defiendfrom heaven with a flutist, with the voyce of the Archangel, *irk rho Trumpof GOD, and the dead hall arise. eThe4. 16. At the giving:of the Law, r.Tbtl 4' there was the found ofa Trumpet,: fo. when God lhall cometo punilh the breacla ! of the Law,theAngel (hall blow the Trumpet: Trumpets arecommonly blownat' a Batte!, (rat á Feaft ; at a Feaft they found joyfully ; when it is at a Battelthey found dreadfully: both (hall found: here at that day,.the found ofthe Trumpet to the godly, (hall be as at a Feaf : but the found of the Trumpet in the earcof the wicked, (hall be as a fmmons to battel. If we will have the joyful found of that voyce then, we.muft welcomethevoycc of Chrift now ; God now (peaks by men, then by Angels; Now the Trumpet of, the Gospel foundeth, then the Trumpet ofJudgementthall found we muftlearn obedience to this, and then we !hall find ágreat deal of comfort in that ; there is a Surgite that we muff hearken to now, arise from fin, Come unto me allye that. are Nearly, and heavy laden ; if we hearken to this, we (hall never fear that Surgitevenite then, Arise youdeadand come to judgement. That is thefirft. The Summons. Secondly, the Appearance a after the Summons all (hall make their appearance : a. The Ali- wemaft all appearbefore the f udgement feat of Cbrifi, z Cor.y.to, This Appearance Peatxnce it is general, and perfonal; the general, all mutt come; the particttlar,and perfonal, Z Cos. S. 1°' every one Thai! come in his own perfon; 6)!'e !hall appear for ourfelves, everyman for himfelf, fhallgive anaccount toGod, Roam 14. tr... In other Courts if men,ap_ pear for themfches byanother, it is enough, but here, Per fe, byhimfelf. That Rom. is the reafon that this day it iscalledinScripture, the day ofManifeflarion. - Fiht, becaùfe Chrift himfelf!hall be revealed, and manifefted in that day;'' pi t Co:, t. 7. lookfor the day ofthe Rjvelation offefue Chriji', e Cora1.7. Secondly, becaufethe Attributes of God that( be revealed then; hispatience,and longanimity, hisrìgkteoufnefs, andju/tice, adayofRevelationofthejufb judgement of cod, Rom. z. A a Finally,