Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

7+ The Sting ,of Death, or, Coherence, The Apoftle chinks not le, he chinks c therwue, Death ( alcit Ire, ye'. 5).) as fwallowed up in vi£lory; As if he (hould fay, It need not crowlke you co chink fo of Death, the conditionof is is not fo llranoe and hard as men taco ie to be ; Ir is rwallowed lip invie7ory? Ifa man have aflrongenemy to deal wi :h,ieenighctrouble him, but it is no great matter eo deal with a congierec enemy : Gull hash ovc:- come Death, hath conquered that (bong enemy, Death is 1a.zll,wrd Pp in vrôisry. Therefore Saint Paul in the precedent, and fubfetynenc wife of t, is Chapter, feemtth to infuh and triumph over Death, Oh Death (faith he) where is t/)fling r Oh grave where is thy vrttory ? As if he (hould fay, before Chilli came and coo- queeed thee, D_adi thou were viRorious ; fo is was, there was a fling in i': before Chrilf fweetned the grave, there was forneching that was ,etesbl_ in tde Grave, but now beeaufe Chriftiscome, and hath go cm the vi,`tary over slit one; and iweetned the ocher , therefore Saint Paid breaks forth thus into an i ifuleatwn and trl- emnh Bat, how can this be P Why doch the Apoftle thus eriumpi ? The reafon is infinuated in the vetfe I have read to you, the fling of death isfin, and the iirength of (n is the Law. But this is the occation of trouble co Chriflians ? Noy it is not, thanks he to God, that hatbgiven au vüiory through JefueChriftt our Lord : As if he (hould fay, I will thew you the icafon, of me triumphing over Death, there was a fling in Sin, and Sin is the fling of Death, and the Law is the lirengch of fin, bue Chrili hath cook away Cm, and bash facisfied the Law, fin being. taken away, Death cannot hurt me, the Law being facidied, Sin cannot prejudice me, Tóis was the caufe of the Apofhie, and in him of every Chriffians infultation over Death. 2?ivi fron, The words I have read con.alo twoparts; Fir(1, the fling cfDeath. Secondly, the firengeh of Sin, Fiili, the flingof death, is fen. Secondly, theflrength offn, is the Law. If there were no law, there would be no fin, and if there were no fin , there would be no death : Sin is she tranfgrefon of the Law , and fn is the /ling of death. I shall only at this time inffi upon the fiat of theft, from whence I fl all deliver chat , ,which if it pleafe God to accompany with his Spirit, may be ufcful to- you. !Propol. The peopofcion (hall be the very wordsof the Text, Sin is the of death, This Propofition I would not have youunderfiand in this fenfe only, that death Situ is thefling came in by fn mealy in a habit, though that be roue too. But undetftand ir in iofdeath. this fenfe, Tnac all the horror and terriblencfs of Death, all the power and rage is hash, whatfoever makes it fearfultea man, it receiveth is all from fin. It is fin that armeth Death againfi a man, if Death have any weapons againfi a man, Sin puts chofe weapons into the hands of Death; if Death have any poyfon againfi a Chriftian, else fin of that perfon putrech that poyfon in it. A double con. Death may be confrdered two waycs, either as Chilli bath made ir, or as we fideeacion of snake it. death. DeathasChrifthathmadeit, isa mcdicineto a Chrifrian, a paffageand entrance eo happinefs, it is a day of redemption and refre(lting, and fo we need not be afraid of ice Death as we by fin have made ir, is the Pale horfe Saint john fpeaksof in the Re- l, vilation, it is as a fearful arre(i to the debtor, it bath a fling in it : and fo it is fearful, Buc that I may open this point more profitably, we will inquire ietothele par- ticulars, Firii,