Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

The Strength ofSin. 75 Firfl, what death the Apoftle fpeaks of here. Secondly, of what fin he fpeaks of. Thirdly, in what refpedì fin is called the flingofdeath: And then we will make the ufe and application of all this. Firfl , of what death doch the Apoftle here fpeak of,that fin is the fling what death is of ? here meant. For' anfwer hereunto, there is a double death, corporal and fpiritual. Corporal, death, is the privation of the foul : when the foul is fevered from the body. Spiritual dt ath, when God and grace are fevered from thefoul. The Text fpeaks of the corporal death. Sin is not the flingof the fpiritual death, Corporal for the fpititual death is in it felf. And here I will not contend with any man, i death, Princì- he be full of enquiry, but I will diflingnifh two parts of fpiritual death, and I grant pally. inone of them is this fling: In fpiritual death therefore, there are two parts, orewo degrees ; The firfl is called, Twoparrs of the fluff death ; That I take to be the death of the foul in fin fpitirnal The fecond part is when foul and bodyare for ever doled up in Hell. And in death. this part, fin is the fling ; And remember this by the way, Sin is not only a fling now, but it Will be afling tomen in Hell : the fling, the deadlinefs, the extremity of punifhment that is its Hell, it is received all from fin : for the damned in Hell, when they come there, as they ceafe not to 1m, fo the fling of fin ceafeth not to be with them : and it may be delivered by conjeaure, I think Hell wereno Hell, if therewere not the fling of fin there. So then you fee what death the Apoffle fpeaks of: principally of corporal death, but it may be extended to the lecond part of fpiritual death, for their fin continueth and fo the fling remained). The next queflion is, what fin the Apoftle fpeaksof, when he faith, theflingof death isfin ? This is not a time toair controverhes,- therefòre thofeancient controveeL es, and fuch as are lately flirted up about original fin, how far it is the fling of death, I let themgo. In a word, to let you fee what fin is thefling of death, remember this; Sinmay What finis the be confidered two wages, either as it is intire, untouched, uncrufhed. Let that flingofDeathl fin be what it will be, whether it be original only, or whether it be any ae:ual confide dyes fin, fircaming from original, whether it be a fin of ignorance or knowledge, whe- ther it be of pleafure or of profit ; A fin immediately that refpeaeth God, or im- mediately refpeóteth our neighbour, whatfoever the fin be, if rt be not touched, if it be not crufhed, ifit fcape uncontrouled, if it be in its native piwer,and keeps in his kingdome, if it rulein a man; thatfin will certainly be the fling of Death. Every fin virtually is thefling of death, there is an aptitude in every Sin, but in the event that fin proveth the fling ofdeath, that is untouched, uncontrouled. Not every fin. Sinunmortifi- in the event proveth the fling of death ; but that fin that liveth in us, or rather that ed proves the fin that see live in, that ruleth in us, that weaffeet,and love, this is theSin that putteth fling of death. a It ¡'g into death. That very fin that thou lovefl, and likefl fo much, and pleadeft for, that fin will make death terrible. Secondly ; Sin maybe confidered as it isgalled, and vexed, and mortified in the Soul ; When a man fettethupon the root of Sin, and theway of Sin, and falleth a crucifying the body of fin, and the members of it, I fay, howfoever therebe divers motions and flirrings. of Sin in the foul ; yet if thefe be difavowed, difaffedled, and mortified, if there be, a crucifyingverrue pats over them, if they come not within thejudgement to approve them, or within the affetvkions to embrace and like them; if theycome not tobe a mans trade, andway, and walk, but fall within the improbation of the judgement todifavow them, and themiflikingof'theaffeaionsto forrow for them : Thefe lhall not be the ffingof death, whatfoever the motions are; Hut thefe untouched, unmortified fins, there are thefling of death. Now there are the¡hogof deatb,inadouble refpea ; Firft, in refpe&of theguilt; Secondly, in refpeftof the corruption. L a Firfl,e