Featly et. Al. - BV4275 T47 1672

7 6 The Sting of:Death, or, t. Inrefpcetof Full, they area fling in refpc&of guile. Every Sm remaining uniatisfied for, the guilt. remaineth with his guilt, and when Sin is not fatisfied for, there is the fling of death. When the finncr bath nothing to oppofe to the jul}ice of God , for the fin he hath committed, if the Sin be in thebook of God uncroffed, be a debt there not blotted out by the blood of Chrifl ; if Chrifl have not fatisfied for ir, if the firmer havenot part in him (as we (mall hear anon) then Sin is thefingof death. 2. In tefpeek o And then fecondly, they are a Cling in refpe& of the corruption and filthinefsof the filth. Sins unmortified. Thofe filthy finful motions, there depraving qualities in thy foul that thou likefl, anti pra f ifeft in thy converfation, they give thee up into the hound of Deem , to execute his Sting upon thee ; And therefore you that applaud your (elves in fin, and will go on in Sin,do fo ; But know this, when thou comet} to he full firength of thy Sin, let it be what it will, when Death cometh, it findeth the flrongefi weapon it bath in thy fin: the very power of thy fin artneth Death againfi thy foul. No man is more obnoxious, and open to the (harpefi dart of Death, than that man that oval go on in Sin. So you fie what Sin is fpoken of, that is the fling of death, that Sin is the .Sling ofDeath, that a man lovech and dotech on. How fin isfaid The third Quefiion is, in whatrefpe& Sirs ie the(ling of Death ? to be the (ling Firfi by way of h minency,becaufe that then the fling of Sin beginnethmoll fen(bly of Death, to work in a man. Not but that Sin bath a fling before Death, but then the deluded firmer feels his fin ; therebe divers times that Sin can fling a perfon,before that, but then ( howfoever the fnner bath deluded himfelf, and the word of God, and the world) he can delude them no mere, Death then ( moll ordinarily) fixeth hisfling in the foul, and makes the firmer feel the fma rt of hisfin. There be three times wherein Sin can (ling a man ; Before death. At death. After death. sin flings be- Before Death. God fometimes letteth loofe the confcience of a man, evenof the fore death, mnfi refolved inner, of him that bears himfelf up aloft in his own eyes in fcorn, and contempt of theminiflry of the Word : fometime (I fay) God fingleth out fuch a perfora, and rippeth up all his heart, flukes his Arrows into his very foul , and Rings his confcience fo irrefiflably, that he knoweth not which way to turn from the wrath that boyleth in his foul. And it is one thing to deal with the Minifler, and another to deal with God ; When God lirikes his Arrows of vengeance into the foul of a (inner, then fuch a one is flung indeed, this God cloth fometimes before death. Nay fometimes God flingeth the confciencesof his own children for fin. :Davit cries out, he roared for the difquiecnefs of his fpiric, hisbones were broken, he was fore vexed, Lord hcw long ? faith he. If there be fuch deep difgaiet, by reafon of this fling in the conlciences of good perfons ; tell me then, what is the difquiet that fpringeth from fin, in a Cain, a feeders, when is meets with a difpairing difpofitiant Thus you fee Sinbath thistime tofling, and therefore chink not that Sin will never fling till death, fometimes Sinflingeth a man before death. At death, Another time is at death, When Death comethand arrefleth a finner in anA&i- on from God, feizeth on a perfon that is under the power of Sin , on one that is, in his fins untouched, howfoever he behaved himfelf inhis life-time, yet then the very name of Death breaks his heart, it apaleth him, and then it flings fach a Perfon. It is appointed ( beloved) for all of us once to die ; Death will one dayarrcfl every man, but whenDeath appeareth before a man, that bath not a part inChrifl, that is under the power of his fins, when it cometh to a Bel/hazar , it makes his very joynts to 'mite one againfi another, it is a .fling tohim amidfi all chorefweet 'worlds his fins, which he fo mush affe&ed, and fo earnefily purfued, it is a very poyfon to him; nothing is apoyfon now to us but fin only ; but then at the time of death fin is a poyfon indeed. Aucadeatb; Lallly, Sin can fling riot onely before, and at, but after death. Both at the day of Judgement, and after. A t