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í Treatife ofthe AfeUfions. ancient acquaintance, that the looked behiude her, Genefis 19. 26. Herear- nail affections did fo haunt herevery ftep the tooke,that theynever lind, till that fhe lookt back. They are greedy dogs, they look to their own way, Ifay 5 6. t Thine affections if theybenot let right, they are likegreedy dogs in the Kitchim, that are ever looking to the platters, bethe Miftriseye never fo little off, theyare lickinginftantly. So thine affections are ever hankring after that which thou aftecteft : and therefore thouart belt to fet thine afe- aionson God : for look where they are fer, there they will be hankring. If ever thy heart be turned to God, and thine affections converted to him, they will ever be hankring and lookingafter. God. At that day (halla man look,to his Maker,and his eyes fhal have refpe& to the holyOne ofIfrael.Ifay 17.7, At that day, that is, when God ihall convert them, then their hearts !hall ever be hankring and loolcíng afterGod. Oh then let thine affections on God, if ever thou delire thy heart fhould hanker after God. It is the brandof awretch, thou art yet no better then a wretch, till thus it be with thee. If thine affections be ever hankring after thy pleafures and thy copef- mates, and thy vanities, thouart never well but when thouart at them. The Sermon is quickly tedious,and Prayer tedious,andgodly.difcourfes are tedi- ous unto thee why ? becaufe thy minde hankers about othergates Matters, as long asit is thus,chou cauft not notbe laved. Lok unto me, (ayes Chrift, andbeyefavedall the ends ofthe earth, Ifay45.2z. Ye can never be faved, un- lefle ye hanker and look after me, (ayes the Lord ; as the Heliotrope or the turn-tol that ever looks towards the Sun, fó a gracioushcart does after the Lord. God counts it an honour untóhim, that the foule lhould be ever a hankringand everá looking after him; ef£ffimari aios potamees tones, 9uoties afpici,fayesSeneca ; it is a true faying ; we thinkweare efteemed whenmen Sena de tYar y.. do look after us So God counts it an.honour to his Majefly,when our fouls do hanker and Lok after him. It is true,the things ofthis lifemay chance to draw awayourminds how and then,and makeus look after them, but if we -haveany grace, fo much as the grainof a Muftard-feed, our fouls will ever be hankringand looking after_God. Soit was with Jonas, though his cor- ruptions had made him to lookoff from God, nevertheleffe hecould not a- bide tobe in thatcafe, his heart is again looking and hankring after God : oh for the light of his.cuuntenance, oh for his grace and his Spirit, oh for power and ftrengch yet to be-refolute tor God,Yet will Iloek,again,towardsthy holy Temple. Jonah 2.4. Let God afflict me, I cannot but look to him;let God flingme into the Whales be11y I cannotbut hanker after him; let him tali me into the bellyof hell, yet will I lookagaine, fayes he : his atfe&ions were let uponGod, and thereforedid hisheart ever hanker and look after God. This is a Tweet motive to pertwadeus : ifwe would once fet our affections on God, our fouls would ever hanker and look after God.. . 4. 9; Our affeilioar The fourthmotive is taken from the fpurrings ofthe áffetttons, they [pawá f Ill us on to man on to that be *as : they are animi calcarla, as Melanîthon does call what we , they are as were the fpurres ofthe foule. What is the reafon that MelananEtb. men go on.tii,any bufincflc like lazie jadedAffes ? Cayes ves, becaufe they ávii l.;. have no affection 5o it. 'What is the reafon theygo fo fluggifhlyon to good duties,they fit to fenfelefly flill in their feats at a Sermon, they kneel fo lumpi[oly, and dead-heartcdly inprayer toGod?bccaufe they have no [purs in their frees, they have no affection to there things. Now if we would let our affectionson God, we'would feel in our bolomes 'a certain fpur that fpurs us toevery good word and work ? agraciousheart is Paid toftirre up it felfe. Excel. 36.2. God counts thofe prayers no prayers, that are not full of thefe fpurringsand ftirrings ; there is none that calleth upon thyname, that ftirreth up himfelfe to take holdon thee,Jfay, 64.7.Doeft thoucall uponGod, and haft thouno tpurrings nor ftirrings inthe duty, do:ft thou not fpur up N 3 thy