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94 rreati[e ofthe flff et /ion:. 'illyCelle topray with good life? the Lord fayes.thou doeft not call upon his name at all. As ever, thou defireft to be furred up and (purred on to good aff excrcifes, fct thine e&ions on God, t hey are the fpurs of the foul : the foul goes cheerfully on, when it goes with affe&ion. The fifth motive is taken from the heartincffe of the affee`tions ; and therefore the heart is many timesand often in Scripture put for the affe&i- otis. c_2'Ly heart,(ayes `.Deboroh,is towards the ÇÇoveruours oflfrael, fudges 5.5. that is, mine affeaion is towards them, O ye Corinthiaus, our mouth is open un- toyou, our heart is enlargrd, 2 Cor.6.11. that is, our affections are enlarged. Look what ever thouatte&eft, thy heart is fet up3n it ; this motive is ftrong toperfivade, for iftheaffections be in a manner the veryheart of the foule, this may well move us to fct our affectionsupon God ; wilt thou fettle thy heart any where el{e but onelyupon God ? Ohow heinoullydoes the,Lord take it at thy hands, that thouhaft no more heart unto him ? Hegives thee his Word, and thouhaft noheart to it ; he gives thee hisSabbath, and thou haft noheart to it, he gives thee his' Sacrament, and his Ordinances, and his Saneuary, and his Commandements, and thouhaft no heart to them. O the Lord is foangry with thy foule, that he cals thee a foole and a lot, and he repents that ever he bathvouchfafed there things to filch wretches as thou art. Wherefore is there a price in the baud of a foole to get wit- dome teeing, he bath noheart to it, Troy.' 7.16. WhereforeLayes God, and towhat end is a priceput into your hand to get wifdomc ? Ye might have gotten wifdom a long time, or ere now, how tobe new creatures and in Chrlft, how togetgrace, and pcace,and mercywith God , ye have had a- bundance ofprices put into your hands, a price of abundance of Sacra- ments, and Sabbaths, a priceof abundanceóf Sermons and exhortations, many' mercies and favours, Many threatnings and warnings, health, ftrength, life,liberty; ye have had a fair time to get grace and holincffe in Jefus Chrift; prices have been put into your hands, but ye have had no heart nor affeEtion CO them:' TheLord is exceedinglywroth withyou, he calls thefoole inyour face, and repents that ever he bath lent you thefe things 7, wherefore is aprice put into the handof a fool, teeing he bath no heart to it ? no heart nor affection to makeilk of it. Wherefore? layes he, to what end? wherefore is aprice put into a fools hand, that fees not the worth of it ? better he had beenPent to hell quick and never heard Sermon; better he had been damnedmany yeeres lince and never' had themeanes. What will ye be drunkards in fpite ofpreaching ? and adulterers, and for- nicators, in spit_eòf Gods threats ? mockersand defpifers of them that are good, lovers of pleafuresmore than lovers of God, in fpite of the Lord Je- íùs Oh this does wofully provoke God,that ye fhould have no moreheart nor.afteaionto thefe things thanye have. Set your affections then upon God, ifever ye will be wife to elcapethevengeance to come ; your affeai- ons areyour heart, be not fo rebellious as tódenyyour heart unto God. Af e¿ç & are The fixth motive is taken from the foftncffe ofthe affe&ions; the affe&i- the foftneffe of. ons_ are the foftneffeof the heart, Aeftus font fcemineus anima partes, fayes thehurt. the Philofopher,they are the feminine and ¡of-Ely brood of the heart. Thy Phi.Jud.l. de heart is afoft heart where thineaffections do {land ; if thine affections be faorif. Abel & let upon the things of this life, thy heart isa'foft heart thereunto, thy heart ca1D' is fenfible ofevery profit,fenfible of every vainepleafure ; the things of this life can eafily finkdown into thy heart, if thine affections be to them. O let thine affections thenbe fet upon God what wilt thou have a loft heart to theworld? the things of the world may eafilywork on it and wilt thou have a hard heart to God, that he may not work onit ? Hardneffe ofheart is anargument that a man is damnably and dcfperately impudent, and will neither obey God nor his Minifters, So God tels ezechiel, the houle of Ifraci