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Ifracl willnot hearken tothee, fayesh°, for they will not hearken unto me , for all the bode of ifrael are impudent andhard-hearted, E'zek3.7. When their hearts wereonce hardned, they were fo impudent, that they would not hearken and obey theMindersof God, nor Godhimfetfe. This is a1a= mentable condition then thou art in : if thineaffe&ions beearthly and car, Ball,the heart h quite hardned to Godward.Now thenmy brethren, we fee here the reafon whyye eau refufe toobey, and be divorced from your fins c we fee the reafon wiry ye neither yeeld toGod, nor his Minders, this is the reafon, (ayes God, yc are impudent, and your hearts are defperately hardned. And this is the brand theHoly Ghoff fets upon you ; whenyour hearts are thus hardned, he cals you plainly, wickedmen, and wicked wo- men.A wickedmanhardneth hisface,`Prov.z) s9.Is it not a pitiful' thing that aman fhould go to hel & have no remedy todeliver him?tobe damned,and have no remedy in the world to efcape ir > in fuch acafe isthy foul, whole heart is thus hardned. He that being often reproved harduethhisheart,fhall be deftroyed without remedy,`Pro v. 29.1.Haft thounot beenoften reproved ? I know thy confciencecancel' thee thou haftbeen often reproved,haft thou not hardned thy heart ? I know thy confcience can witnefie that thou wouldeft not leave off thy courfes ; but hatt hardned thy heart to this day, thou knoweft I fay true ; well then, read what a pitious condition thou art come to, there is no remedy for thee toavoid the damnationof hell ; thou fhalt be deftroyed without remedy, fayes God, I coufeffe there is a remedy, but he (hall be deftroyed without it. The remedy that Godufes to deliver meu from hell, is to reprove them for their ftns,but thou puttcít off reproofs, the preaching ofthe Word, but thoudoeftdifobey it the blood of the Lord ; Jeiùs,but thou doeft defile it, and wilt not lay downe thy corruption for ir, 4 th.re is a remedy butthou wilt not ufe it ; no,thy heart is hardned ,and thou o Ihalt be deftroyedwithout remedy : affure thy felfe of it, forthe motuh of o the Lord hath spoken it. I fpeak to you who fpeak evil! of the good way, e and call it all to naught ; your hearts are all hardned on this manner; when a divers werehardned, (ayes the Text, and fpaae evil ofthat way, A h 19. 9. They that fpeakevill of the wayes ofGod are all hardned. O, fayeftthou, 4 I do but fpeakagainst Puritans, and Hypocrites, God forbid, yea God for- bid indeed ; but does not thyconfcience witneffe thou fpeakeft evill of the waycsof the Lord ? Thou knoweft theLord commandsexhorting and re- proving one another, and thou fpeakeft evill of it : what bath he to doe to reproveme ? fayeft thou. Thouknoweft God hath commandedus to walk i ftridly, and precifely, and purely, and thou fpeakeft evill ofit : what muff e we be fo pure forfooth ? and foprecife, andfo ftrid ? Thou fpeakeffevil of t theway of the Lord, and the Lord (ayes thou art the man that arc hardned. )1 I fpeak to you that break the limits of God. God bath commanded you a i great while ago to repent and beleeve, and call away the evill of your do- ings:Many dayesare paft fince ye were calledhereto; ycfterday and today :i thou art called and yet thou amendeft not ; thou artthe man that is hard- q ned. Again, he limits a certain day after fo longa time, as it is faid, to day it ifye will heare hisvoce, hardennot your hearts, Heb.4. 7. thou haft bro- K ken this limit, and thou art not converted to this day, thouart the man that o ishardned. I fpeak to you who refufe to amend your lives : ye do not only i not amend, but alfo ye refute to amend ye are the men that are hardned : they have made theirfaces harder then a rock, they have refufed to retinue, p Ier. 5.3. Whenmen refufe to returne, theyhave hardened their hearts like. a u rock, and more too,fayes theText. Yehave refufed, and it is not unknown ís toyour confciences that ye refute, therefore ye are the men that are hard- i" tied ; ye are themen that (hall be deftroyed without remedy. I pray God i helpyouwith a remedy, and awaken your fouls,that yemaybe hardned no 1 longer