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6 J ['reatije of the AffeEionr. longer : for if yebe,ye {hall be deftroyed without remedy. I befeech you confider your poor fouls, andunderftand, ifperhaps ye may finde mercy. Schola cujufqueordinis homines admitt:t, fayes Qintilian, the fchoole admits all forts of fcholars . So I may fay of you, the Schoole of Ghrift admits all forts of fanners among you, There is never a wretch among you all, but if now ye will be content to go to Chrifts (chool,ye fhall be admitted to learne. The Lord give you hearts fu to do.O then fa your affections on God ; the affeaions are the foftneffeof the heart, and this is the way for to (often them. %e {'` ...... , ? 4 WAS ,* 02 ` o L: ++ k, t, ` ` eY; . e7òú TheXIIII. SERMON. CoLos.3. 2. Set your offeItions on things that are above , &c. A. Beginningbath been made to perfwade you with mo- tives that yewould fet your affeaions on God. Fivemo- tives have been noted that our Apoftle handles in this ford you. Give me now leave to go on in the fame Chapter : and fix motives that the theme it felfe does af- point, and to help you with more. For if this point be not copiouswith motives, no point can be copious, All per- fwafion is by moving the affeaions, whatever the theme be ; now when other motives the affe&ions tilemfelves be the theme, the matter of neceflity muff be to move the of copious and abundant : other motives remaine to fet your affeaions feífions. above. 1. The fire is taken from the everlaftingnefe ef the 4'a-flans. Our affeaions From the ever- the are everlaíting in our foule, etpecially fome of them, and thole that arc (de ns not, when the foule is inhell, trae very want of them area little hell to the foule, for thereThal be no joy, nodelight, no hope, no comfort, no love; and as the ftomacke when it wanteth its meat, it devourcth it felfe : fo there affe&ions, when the matter is wanting, they (ball cat up, and devoure up the joule. There'sno matter in hell to joyat, no matter in hell to delight in, nocomfortable matter to hope for, no amiable thing for to love, and this [hall vexe the foule with weepingand gnafhiug of teeth : ncverthcicffe, many of the affe&ions, whether a man go to heavenor CO hell, are everlaft- ing affeîtions : joy, and delight, and love, and all the liking affe&ions (hall be everlafting in heaven: fear,and horrour,and hatred and griefe,and aefpair, and fhame,'ball beeverlafting in hell, there [hall be weeping and gnafhing of teeth, fayes the text, he does not fay there 'hall be love or joy,&c. Now are the affeaions everiafting in the foule? know this, nothing but God can hold the foule tack, as we fax, everlaftingly. It's true, wemay affea meat for a while, and raimentfora while, and maintenancefor a while,aad hou- fes and wives, and husbands,and recreationsfor a while,till we die ; but when death comes, death cakes effthefe objças for ever. If thineaffe&ions were 11