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T .44 0.0kIlvolt. -14144'13u, Tue VIII. SERMON. COL 03.3.2. Setyour af f tions on th ;sags that are above, &'c, Lift our affections befet upon Gad ?then this reproves them, who let their ofe¿i ;ons on the Earth. The matter is Ir ls,a greatin reduceable to foure head s. tojet ouraffeií- The firft, is the. multiplicity of the affections, they ions on the are verymany in number. Earth The fecond is the 617tAWx) or the checkerwileor- Arguments to convince this der of theaffections. As they are many, fo they are truth are fare complicatedand platted one within another, that lookwhat theyare let on, they knit the heart to it. The 3. is,the degree theaffections are in r'n regard ofother acts ofthe foul. The fourth is theextreínity ofrhe affections, which is zeale. From all t,befe foure heads I will Phewyou thewofull aggravation of this finne, not co let our affections onGud. Firft, from the multitude and multiplicity of the affections : a man' cannot let his affections upoti earth , but he muff: fet them all upon earth : the affections they all go together and are map y. Not oncly Ifa manjets foe re , as Boethisu does count them; nor onely five as Galen does his affe£h :onson reckon them; nor only eleven, as 4rftotledoesnumber them; nor only the earth, he twent as Cardan does fumme them but they are like a fwarmc of Bees, as jets aübís affe- }', ; Y 2ït+ns en it. LceliptS Peregrintudoescompare them for multitude. Platofayes they are in- numerable,without queftion theyare rnany.Now what awoeful aggravati- on is this of this finne, to fet thine affections on the earth ! Thou fetteff allthineaffections thereon, ifthou'fetteff one, thoù fetteft all ; for they all go together. Like the Angels that finned, they all fell together. So when theaffections fell offfrom God, they all fell together. Like the two eyes of the body, theyboth lookone 'ay;likethetwocares,one dot h not tteare onc.found, and another an other. If thou lotieft th4e things that are car nail, it is certaine thy delires are all carnal], thy jòyes, and delights, and thy hopes, are all carnal], thy feares, and thy grietes, and thy forrowes are all carnall if one of thcm'be fet on the things here on earth, 'all are Were. therehut one affection tint way, it:t'vérethe lcfle ; but if thine affecti- ons be fetupon tiicfe things, not one, ïnor two,nor tenne, but numberlef e multitudes, whole fwarmes ofaffections are ail earthly. Thou art altogether brtitr f andfooli fh,Jer. s o. B.That is,thine affections arealtogether brutilhand beaftly,altogether filthyor ftinking,forfo the wordfignifies,Pf.Iq.,;.That is thineaffections are altogether ftinking& noifom affetions.I proved before, that when the affections arecarnal,they all like fomany devils do bewitch Ga1.3.i, thee.O foolifh Galathians,who bathbewitched you?It is grievous enough to liepta uedwith one devil.Hemuff needs run whom the Devil drives : one devil wil drive thee Taft enough to hel.Opeaffcction if it werefinglwill hur- ry thee faft enough untohell: what then arc the whole legeonof affections? they,