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a Maife o f tl'eziffedionsb sá they like the legeon of Devilsthat cntred.into the fwine the Herd ran violently dowse aamp-placeinto the fea, Lielte 8, 33. They ran with all vi- olence to be drowned, whena legeon ofdevils diddrive .them. Sothoumutt needs runwith all,violencedowse into the lake, whena; kgeen of afeEliorjs, like a legion of devils doeshurry thee: Ssia cuique .Desu jt d;ra cupido, fayes the Poet. Theveryheathen man faw this, that every mans evill affe&ion . was his devill ;and therefore thewholc)legeonof affe&ionsarea legionOf de- vils. Doe ye noticehow year toffupanddown all thedaylong; tanquam pila D:aboli, as the DevilsTenif-balsaasOde (peaks : from worldly delights . unto wordly &fires, from delires untofears, from fears unto melancholies, frommelancholies to angers and vexations ; from them again unto caivall comforts ; thefe are all likea legeon. of devils,that hurry theeup and dowse till thou art hurried torhell, &c. If thineaffe&ions be carnal!, they are ale- geonofdevils todrive thee. It is.a merry devil! Char makes thee fo greedyof . pleattire and.of mirth ; a pricydevill,thatmakes thee fo cholerick and tou- chy ; agiddy devil!; that makes thee fofearfull and timorous ;an uncleandevil, that makes thee fodefirous- of drinking,.and company-keeping. Anger and . wrath isa devil ; Let not the Somme goo down upon thy wrath,neithergiveplsee. to the devil. Ephef.4;a6. 7,That is,do not give way to thy wrath,When chou._ giveft wayto thy earthlydefires, thougi yell way to the Devil.. When thou giveft wale to thine earthlie . delights and thy forrow, and thymelaticho- ly,thougiveft way to the devil -Look howmany earthlic a$e&ions thouhaft. that thougiveft the wayto,fo many devil arc in thee.Doeft thou think-.thou art achilde of God; when thy confcience tels thee¡that fucb and fuch earth- ly afle&tons have way in thy heart?alas,thouhaft a devili.Be fober,tor your adverfary the devilli i Pete 5.8. Mark;every giddyaffection is a devil', our adverfary the Devill comes with it.Yeafo many earthlyaffe&ions, toma- tivdevils: andwilt thou fet thyaffe&ions upon things that are earthy ? if thoudoeft, thouhaft a legeon of devils within. This is the firft head, the . inukitude and themultiplicity of the affeaions,the affeaionsare many. The fècond head islaken from the&mv,ex,:3 or the checker-wifeorder . of the A aitiits ham affeElions : as the affe&ions'are many, to lookwhere they are fet, there they. Aff ni its Urn- are platted, and woven,'and' hampered together. God that firft created the dr man upright and good;hegave him affeftions fitto twit and hamper his heart upon good, that it might be the harder'to loofen it. Hegave him . the affe&ion of love to imbrace good. If the good were wanting, he gave him the affekionofdefire,to hunger after it. Ifthe good were podí'i- . ble toget, hegave himtheaffe&ion of hope to expe& it: if thegood were once gotten; he gavehimtheafle&iorrof jey todelight in it. If there were any danger to lofe it, hegave him the affection offear,tobeafraid of it.Ifthe good wereonce loft indecd,hie gavehint the affectionofgrief,andof forrow to lament it. Ifhe thonldmeet with any thiíag that would hinder him in the profecution of good , he gave him the affection of hatred to oppofe it, Etc, Thus God embroidered the affe&ionsandwove them tor_ gether, that (till mans heart might be knit bythe affeaions to good and . to God. And wilt thou ndw let thine affe&ions on the things of this Iiexnar in loe life ?. thou little thittkeft how thou twifteft* and hampereft thy foul witáhrstoyer- about thefe things, thineaffe&ions Will make thee live and dye a car, ea. riall wretch.Hadnot Era f ffratws curedAntiochuèof his carnali affe&ion,' it L.de ludop'ar- hadcolt him his. life, for, he was lick of it .unto death. Galen fayes, he va fpb.trs. metwith many lickpatients, ifhehad not cured theiraffe&ions, he had-ne-, verrecovered them. The affe&ions'.hamper the foule.unta death,`-Sò ì thoulet thine affe&ions on the things.hére on earth they will fo ham per thy heart 'that unleffe thine affe&tons, be aired,;.thy. {-Cole is defpc rattely uncureable ; they entangle thy Louie , thou catlft not get"free,. And-.