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rregtife o f tß !erogr. are thy thoughts. W lien sash had a treacherous affection Canto David, he made as thought he did affect him fo well , as to make him his fon in law ; it was a treacherous affection : but the rrxt (ayes, to were his thoughts. Sam/ thought tomake David fall by the hand of the Philiftines, i Sam. lg. z 5. As his affections were treacherous,fohis thoughts were in like Manner treacherous. The affections are thefeet ofthefoul;as I toldyou ; nowwhen thefe feet run to evil, fo do the thoughts. Their feet rill to evil ; their thoughts are thoughts ofiniqúity, Ifa. 59. 7. So that look what thine'affe- ctionsare to, to that are thy thoughts. You may remember what was proved to you of the thoughts : if thou doeft habitually fet thy thoughts upon the things in this world, tobe thinkingof thy fports and thypleafures, thine apparel, and thy fafhions, thy meatand thy drink, thy meaties and thy living ; it thy thoughts be fet hereupon, thou art a man that never haft re- pented fince thou wert borne ; thou haft yet no part nor intereft in Chrift, thouart yet nobetter then a damned wretch, heire apparent of hell and everlaftingdeftruction, Thus it is with thee, ifthy thoughts be habitually thus fet ; but if thine affections be fet here below, fo without queftion are thy thoughts. Firft, becaufe ifthine *Wensbe earthy, fo are thy thoughts : the affections z. provoke thee to be thinkingof filch thingsas thou haft moft minde to. Ha- As theaffelliaè's mandid mightily affect honour, and therefore his thoughts ran upon his are, fo are the honour, andpromotion. The Kinghad no fooner laid, what (hall be done thoughts. to theman whom the King delighteth tohonour?but prefently his thoughts were a gog. Haman thought inhis heart,whom would the IC:ng honour but me, Ejther 6.6, WhenHaman was affe&ed with wrath againft Mordecai, instantly fuch were histhoughts. He thought fcorne,fayesthe Text, Eft her 3. 6 David (peaking ofhis enemiesthatwere ill affe&ed against him,he faÿs that their thoughts were againft him, all their thoughts are againft mefor evil Pfd. 56. 5. So thatifthine affe&ions becarnal, thy thoughts are car- m ¿y; a_ nal,nd thoucanft not think feriouflyof thegood of thy foul. Come and let 7101-to1 EoEwa- me think ferioufly, howdo I think tobe faved ? may not a reprobatepray as do i$°°, r r: well as I pray ? Hear the VVord as well as I hear it ? believe as well as f be- t Q lieve ? Did not wickedEfag that foughta placefor repentance, carefully Macar. horn'. withmares, repent as well as I ? Hadnot curled Balaane asgood meanings ,6. as I ? he would not for a houle full of hillier and gold gobeyond the Corn- niandement ofGod. Alas, alas, your carnal affe&ions will notfi1ferYou tò thinkierioutly ofyour foules. Haft thou ever thought ferioufly,.wïefhér thoubeeft a new creatureor no ? whetherthrift be in thee yea or no ? what if I fhoulddyenow ? have I evidences for heaven yeaor nö ? The Scripture [ayes thus and thus,fo and fo they muff live that look tobe faved:. do I live fo ? God fayesfilch and fuch thall be damned, namely all that live inany known fin; God cannot lye; is therenever a fin I know I live in ? poor woful foul, thy carnal afe&ions have not fuffered thee to thinkferioufly of thefe things fince thouwert borne. May be now and then thou haft Tome lode thoughts Of Come fuch matters, ftragling thoughts, glancing; rùñìüng thoughts ofthy foul,andof heaven, andof death, but thonnever doeft fert- oufly thinkof them. No,thineearthly affe&ions doprovok thy thoughts o-, thcrwife;the affe&ions havefuch influence into the thoughts, that Mdcariais cals them affections. Is not this then a pitiful condition to let our affections Macar. horn. here below? tobedrawn away from thinking ferióufly of our fouls5 they ióÉd bin1Jñs's drivethee to hell; and will not permit thee tothink feriouflywhither thou oxñ p9s goeft,till thou art there. Ogrievous condition l will a Prifoner that is com áV7 d'rwko- demned tobe hanged tomorrow, be thinking how hé may gain), new soh cloathes,ànd a new.fuit ? will he be thinking how he maypurchafe ? how he p . mayhave agood (upper? It hebe thinking on fuch things whet) he 1hall be I han-