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66 rreatife ofthe ,1.ffeUion.r . 11)ryryQQ/,r frrss44/'0R1ttyyQQRR40 }''yyOORR,zirryQy^^°'y'ypp^S^V4'y^'yv^ ((((QQQQ WtilVWWtiWtWW 'ti,TitWtWWW4i1.ii The X. SERMON. C01.0$.3.2. Setyour afeîtions on things that are à4ove,&c. HE Ufesof this arc there. Vfe I Firff, hence we may learn, that God demandeth the Gad demands ' the eale ofour thewale ofour affections. If the zeale of our affè&ions be a due untoGod, I befeech you take notice that God de- `effians. mandeth his due. Give unto the Lord the glory due un- . to his Nane ; and fo Goddemandeth his due in our af- fedions. If I be a Father, where is my honour ? fa mafter7 p.?here is my fear ?Mal. i, 6, he does not only call for force honour, and tome love, and Lome fear, but he calls for his part.Whereis my part ? Layes he. Where is my fear ? Gods part of thy fear, as I have (hewed, ;s the a,,gale ofLthy fear ; Gods part of thy love , and thy joy , and thy hope, and the reft, is the zeale of the faine. This now God demands of thy foule; where is my feare ? may be thou loveft him a little , and his Commandements a little, may be thou feareft him a little , to offend him and difobey him, thou feareft a little ; this is not Gods part. The zealeof thine affection is Godspart ; and he calls for hispart. Where is my kart? We are bound Secondly- hence we may learn that we muft upon paine of cods in finite togive Godour y? affeííions. difpleafure,givehim the zeale ofour a edtons, whenfoever we pray, to pray to him zealoufly, bleeding for our fins, and melting under our wants , andyearning for his graces. Whenfoever we praife him, to praife him thus zealoufly , rejoycing in his mercies , and admiring his goodnefl'e. WhenfoeverWe enter hisCourts, toenter with zeale,reverencing his foot- ftoole, tremblingat his Word in all our wayes feeking howwe may be moft zealous of his glory ; for if God demand the zeale of our affe&ions, Ier. 4e. io. there is no keeping back. Ananias was fmitten dead for keeping back a little peeve of mony , when Goddid demand it. Curled is he that keeps back ablow when God does call for it, Goddemandethour zeale, and wo isus ifwe keepback. Thirdly, hence we may gather that we are in the f ate of damnation, Onpaine of Wedoe not give Cod the zealeofour affections: ifGod rrquire ir, upon paine damnation ofdamnation,and we arebid to give it him upon paine of his evcrlafting diipleafure, thencertainly we muffneeds be in Rate of damnation if we doe not give it, Now this is proved by foute arguments. FirLf, that man is in theRate of damnation that never repents. I need not prove that, ye know it well enough ; he is fure to perifh that never repents. Though thouhaft takenup all the outward duties ofreligion, thounever re- penteft unlefs thou be zealous; ifthou be zealous,then thou haft drawnout of In Cant.Serm, Chrifts wine- feller,asBernard obfervs on the Cauttcles,Introduxtt me rex in cel 39- lane