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Treatir ofthe Afedions. lamvinariam, theKing hath brought me intohis wine-feller, he expou ids it of thefouls drawing of zealfromChrift : but if thou beeft not zealous in re- pentance, thou never repen.tefl. Be z,ealou andrepent, Rev.3,1 9 Firft, he fayes be zealous, and then he fates repent. Firft, thou muff refolve to be zealous, or elfe thou doeft not repent : if a man have wrong'd a neighbour though never fo mean, hemuff be forty for it, or elfe he does not repent of it if a man have wrong'd aNoble -man, hemuff bemore furry : for as the wrong is the greater, the greater thepartywronged is, fo the greater is the forrow that is required torepentance. Ifa man have wronged the King, it muff be griate_- furrowyet, till the forrowbe fomewhat anfwerable to thegreatneffc ofthe King who is wronged. But if a manhave wronged a God, this muff be the greateft forrow ofall forrowes, otherwife thouduet, notrepent. IZe pentance is the rending orbreahíngof the heart, fo fayes the Prophet fuel, it is not a luke-warme, or a little griete that will break the heart. Repentance is the humbling of the foule, (ayes David, it is not a little bowing, and a little bendingwill humble it before God. Repentance is the mortifying or the kil- ling o fJinn, as Passi calls it : alas, fin islike the heart of Oke that will be a hundred yeeresa dying,fo fin will be long adying, it is not a little pricking and a littlecompunction will kill it. Repentance is called repentance unto life, in the Scripture ; it isnot a little chafing, and a little rubbing, and a lit- tle aquavita will fetch a man fromdeath unto life : No, iio,Beloved; thou ne4 ver repenteft unleffe thoube zealous. And therefore the Apoflie makes zeal a part of repentance, 2 Cor. 7. a I. Nozeaie, no repentance: no repentance, no falvation. 2. That man is in theflute ofdamnation that is not a beleever its Chriji ; if a man be not inChrifi by a lively faith, he cannot be faved. The Prophet prophefying of Chrift faith thus. Unto usachild is borne, and he !hall be called wonderful!, the Prince ofpeace, and the zeale of the Lord of Hofls (hall performe this, Ifs. 9.6,7. Never is Chrift conceived in anyman under Fleaven,but the zealeofthe Lordof Hoflsdoes performe it : Doeshe enligh- ten the mind,or purge the theheart,or cleanfe theconfcience? z=a1 does pez forme it. Can I be fo in love withChrift, as to deny nay felfe for him, and not be zealous to him ? Can I count all my parts,and all my gifts, andall that I have, asPaul did, robe drofle and dung,for the worth I find in Chrift, and not be zealous of him ? Can I hungerafter him,and pantfor him,and be lick of love till I have him, and not be zealoustowards him ? Thus wemutt do, o-1 theravife we are not inChrift.And therefore Mofesconfounds faith and zeal; as if they were all one, and both inone. Phinehas was zealous for Gods fake, ?NZ,umb,2 5.1i. That is, he was zealous and faithfull both, for fo the Pfalmift expounds it,zhat was counted to him for righteoufneffe, fayes he ; that was (peaking of his zeal in executing of judgement, that was counted to him for righteoufnefle. Now ye know nothing can becounted to a man for righteoufnefle, but only faith, and therefore by zeale there is meantfaith. This isanundeniableargument, if a man have faith. hee is zealotis,otherwife hehathno faith. Ifhe haveno fait'.,, he cannot be faved Thirdly, that manu in the Efate of damnation that loves not God.. He that loves not the Lord Jefus Chrift, let him be Anathema cAlaranatha, that is let himbe accurfed and accurfed, fot it is the greaceft curfe in the world, it is the curie ofthe Gofpel,Let him be accurfed and double accurfed,thatloves not Chrifl. Now aman never loves God,ifhe benot zelous;qui nonzelat,no, amar, He that is not zealous in love does not love ; love is tearmed zeale in the Scripture. Iehu, indeed the truthwas, he had nolove to God, he thought he had though ; and therefore when he would tell Iehanadab, he had love to God, he tels it in thefeword. Come and fee my Zeale I have to K 2 the