Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

the greateft Self: murder. original!. A man muff be humbled for hit a &uall finnes as well as originall,and count himfelfe inexcufable for one as well as tother. But thou pitchcff all ',thy humiliation upon thy Apoflacy in Adam, ifnow than pleade fi a cannot. Lord, I confeffá I was conceived in finne, but now I can- not doe with all,1 cannot doe otherwife though I would never fo faine. I cannot but drinke now and then, and be drunke,I cannot but rap out an Oath now and then in my hall, &c. I confeffe I brought this cannot upon me in she loynes of Adam ; but upon the fuppofall of that doff thou bid me give over my finnes ? 7 cannot; this is not to be bumbled, but to fall to excufer. Its true, a &uall corrupti- on which naturally Bowes from original', requires that oneand (elfe fame humiliation that original' does. But otherwife thon nauft be humbled with a new humiliate_ on for thine a&uall tranfgreffions, or elfe thou art not humbled but pleaditexcufes. David humbles himfelfe for both, with one humiliation for the one, Pfal. 51.5. with another for the other, verf.3. But as long as thou pleadit on this fa &ion, thou excut-eft thy felfe for thy atìuall finites, and never art humbled. Nay fecondly, thou excufefi thy felfe for *by originali finne too. Lord, I would b, without fin, lut I cannot, if I would I could ; belike then if it had beene thy cafe as it was Adams,thou wouldfi not have eaten ofthe forbidden fruit. And therefore it was his fault and not thine,thou wouldft not have finned if thou couleift have otherwife chufed. And therefore thou excufefi thy (elfe for that too; for thou fayeff thou wouldef not have finned if thou hadff beene as he, he finned when he might have otherwife chufed ; but thon wouldfl not have done fo. Thus thou excufeff thy Pelf for thine originali finne too And therefore thou canfi not be bumbled as long as thou pleadfi thus ; the truth is thou didfl willingly finne as well as Adam.God made man uprigbt,but they have 'Ought out many inventions. Ecclef.7.2 9. he fpeaketh of Adams being upright; God made Adam upright; he does not L fay 65 2 Excufe.