Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

66' Wilfislí ttupenitertcy Note. 3 Excatfe. Sinne of in- firmity. 4 Exettfe. fay but man barb found out many inventions, as though it were his fault alone that was created upright. No,God made man upright, but they, marke,he calls the blame up- on every man as well as Adam. But they have fought out many inventions. Thus we mull be humbled for our o- riginals corruption; but thou canfl not be humbled as long as thou pleadil on this manner; no thou excufell thy felfe, and therefore thou wert never yet humbled. Nay thirdly , thou excufeft thy felfe for every finne, thou makeft all thy limits to be nothing brst infirmities, as thoughPauli cafe were thine ; the good which I rnaulrldoe, that doe I not, and the evill which I would not dhe, that doe I. I would be godlier then I am, but I cannot ;and therefore thou makell all thy hones to be infirmities. What is a finne of infirmity but a finne the will protefteth agsainfi ? thou fayeft that thy will protefteth againft every of thy finnes, thou wouldu leave them, but thou canil not. See then how far thou art from found humiliation; thy pre ' fumptuous finites are all nothing with thee, thy flub bornneffe nothing, and thy wilfulneffe nothing, no all thy Pnnes are infirmities. Nay thou makelt thy Pnnes to be purely and only infirmities, invincible infirmities ; in- vincible infirmities are the muff excufable of all. Now when thou fayeft thou Wicket} at a Cannot , thou makelt thy fumes not onely infirmities, but alto invincible infir- mities,fuchas thou cants not poffibly avoid,thou wouldil faine avoid them but thou canal not;and therefore ifthou goell this way to worke thou canft never be humbled. Nay fourthly, Thou commendeft thy f l fe more then God nay ifever God fhould finable thee and give thee power to be a new creature, thou makelt thy felfe more behob ' ding to thy Celle then to God. The will is more then the power ; the will to believe and repent and convert, is more then the power;Aîlae fctsndus eft nobilior atilt pri- mo. To be able to believe and to be able to repent and become a new Creature, thefe are but ffrfi ais. If God would helpe thee to thefe,thou fayeft thou wouldit adde tother.Thou wouldit