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the greatefit self- murder. wouldft believe and thou wouldit convert, and thou wouldft be a new creature; if Gcd would give thee the power, thou would (I adde the a &. And therefore thou commende.tthy felfe more then God; for in morall powers whirlh la aye a,f rther reference unto all, the act it more noble then shoo power. The truth is, the will is better then the power of doing , and both is of God, and fo the Apoflle does thew it. Its God that worketh in you, fpeaking of the Saints ; Its God that worketh in you both the will and the deed, Phil.1.13. marke, the will and the deed. First the will and then power to bring it into deed; the will is the primary bleffing of God. And this is the real-on why a child of Gods eftate it now better under Chrift then it was before in Innocency , for then he bad onely power if be would; and now both the will and ehe deed. 1 fay this is the truth, the will is more then the power ; and therefore thou wert never humbled in thy life, that pleadit, 0 I would if 1 could; thoumakeft tlyfzlfe more beholding to fe fe then to God,if God fhould ever convert thee,and therefore thou art not yet capable of converfion ; why? thou art not yet humbled, bat ftanditatproud ternies with the Lord. Nay fifthly , thou can ft not fo much of pray to God for a will, thou art fn proud, that thou art conceited thou haft that already. I have as good will t 1 be good as any body elfe, but I cannot poffibly doe as I would; So that all thy pray- ers to God are a mockery. The godly humble foule prayes. as the ancient Church ufed to pray ;, Lordgive me a will to he good which my will io jet againft. But thou cant not pray fo, thou art a richer begger then fo; for thou hadft a good will already thou thinkeft. A man cannot pray for a thing the lack whereof he is not fenfible thereof; If any man lacke wifdome, let him ask it of God, 7amet 1.5. He cannot pray for a thing if he doe not thinke that he lacks it, Nor thou for a will , for thou doll not thinke. , that thou laeklt it. Nay,ifGod fhould convert thee thou canft not give him thankes for converting thee; for thy La will Note. 5 Excufe. Ape d Caffan- drum,Domine duc me quono volt.