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the grofi self- murder. 69 Secondly, Thou doff caft the blame upon temptations, it is 2 Demon. my hard hap to fall upon temptations.'.! was tempted or I would not have done it; this is to call the blame upon God too, for it is bis prrvidence to order temptation:. Such and fuch temptations for one man, fuch and fuch for a- nother, filch now and fuch then. Its the providence of God that difpofeth which and which temptations every man (hall have. One (hail have temptations to Pride, a- nother temptations to Wrath, another to Revenge,ano ther to Govetoufneffe. Its true ; God temptetb no min, but he orders the temptations of men.Let no man fay he is tempted of God, for God temptetb no man. No,every man is tempted James 1./3. to (inne by his own lulls. Thus thou would fay if thou wert humbled; but thou layefl the blame upon God ; it was long of temptations that I did it. This is as if thou (houldft fay 'twas long of God, that I did it, becaufe 'twas Gods providence that fuffered theft temptations to be layd for thee. Thirdly,becaufe thou layoff the blame upon the times,the ; Demon. times are very bad.I would not goe in this fa(hion,but on- ly that the times require it. I would be more given to falling and repeating the Word, &c. I would willingly be more forward then I am, but the times are very bad ; This is to lay the blame upon God too , for God fetteth every mans time. If I had beene in Chrifts time, or Pauls time,or Qiieene Elizabeth, time , I would have done thus and thus. Thou layeft the blame upon God, for God fetteth every mans time; When God from eternity made his com- mon place)Iooke ofalltbe wbsleWorld, he appointed fuch and fuch to live firíl, fuch next, and fuch lafl : Such and fuch to live here, and fuch there ; Such at Rocbford, and fuch at London; fo (ayes the Apotlle, be bath made of one Noted all Nations of men,to dwell on all she face of the Earth; and bath determined the times before appointed , and the bounds eftbeir habitations, A. t 7.26. ramie, he hath ap- pointed the times, and the places. The times when they fhall live, and the places where. God ft:tteth mens times; and