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70 } Vernon. 5 Demon. Note, That which men call for - rune,is Gods providence. t ilfitLi Impenitency and therefore thou which Iayeft the blame upon the times, layeft the blame upon God. - Fourthly,beCaufe thou layeft the blame upon this Cons mandement, if it were any Commandement hire this, 3 would doe it; But this I cannot doe ; if it were any other inju- ry but this, any difgrace but this, I would willingly put it up, but I cannot put up this ; if it were any duty but this ; I would doe any thing but this, but to root out all dilorders out of my houfe,alas I cannot doe this, I can- not live, as good keepe no Inne at all, as not fuffer men to call for what they would. I cannot doe this ; this is to call the blame upon God too, that he fhould make fuch a Commandment as this,he fhould have done wel to have made another Law, and penned another Gofpell, and then I would have kept it : thou layell the blame upon God for it is God that made all thefe commandments, thefe are the commandments of the Lord, Deut.6. r. '7 be Lord made al the Commandments, and this too,and therefore if thou layell the blame upon this,thou layeft theblame up. on God. Fifthly, becaufe thou layeft the blame upon ill fortune andbad Zucke,it was my ill fortune to marry a fhrew,and I cannot but fret and lie out of doores. Alas, marriages are made in heaven, and God hath decreed them, thus thou layeft the blame upon God, 'twas my ill fortune to alit-Carry , to light upon fuch a companion, to be fo over -taken as I was, I would willingly have had it to have beene otherwife, but I had not the Lucke of ir, and it fell out very Unluckily; thus thou commit- tea two evils,thou playeff the s oheifi in Theaking offorlunr, like them in the Prophet, that prepared ata le for fortune as the word ffignilies, Efay 65 .1z. I fay thou committal two evils, one in calling it Fortune, the ather,thou lay - eft the blame upon God, for that which thou profound ly calleft fortune and lucke,its AÑu rrraì swormrcey,,faycs Ariftotle, the very Heathen is able to tali: is God, and the Scripture puts it for Gods providence; and therefore when thou