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y.....-- , a a, a M + , r. a d a s et, M a _ÿ"Ibe) aIs fá ÿszY?ÿ z To the right Honourable ROBERT RICH BARON of Lees in Efiex, and EARL of Warwick, Abundance of Spirituall bleífings in f efttt Chrift. ,'íul being upon a prophetical! wing (for the Lord had poured upon him, not uneÿ an Apoflolicall, but arnK know Prophetical! fpirit) doth foretell 40 fai h in the z.Tim.3. i . That in the WI days peri- the infa!ii- ble certain- bus times Jhall come ; thofe who are full of ofit. carnall fe1 f -love and unthankfulnefs, will much increaJè the danger of this Taft age of the world (the Lord root up all filch weeds out of out hearts.) God bath; I hope,given Your Honour fuch a meafure of love to the Publick, and fo aelive a fpirit to doe good to others, as will help to Ter- fen the danger of thefe evil! times. And I would be fo thankful! for favours received, * a that