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Pro. 30.10 I 1,1 2,éCC. The Epiflle Dedicator y. that I might be ranked among this d ho- nourable Catalogue which here Paul fums up, of fuck as make bad times Ivorfe. It is your Honours bappin f and advantage (as it was once laid of the Duke of Guile in France, that he did put obligations upon all) that you can engage (very many ; and amongft the reft, I mull ever acknowledg my /elf one, who in one of the greatefl turnings of my life, by the good hand of God upon me in your free confent and Noble bounty, have had fo much comfort in the nearefi and dearefl relation, that I never envied any other, but find matter of everlafling pra fes to God for hisgoodnefs to'mÿ fel f therein. And being under fo great obli- gations, when I can produce nothing of my own worthy your acceptance; I take leave to of the part of a Midwife to this happy fBirth,w ='I may call your Honour Father, as will appear by the following Letter, that it was ultimately intended for your jiirituall advantage; and it were now a kind of facriledg to keep that ho- ly fue from you, that is fo much your own. It joyes the fouls of me and many more of your praying fervants, that they have fo much