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wilfull di fó bediente is foule murder. i Sam.' s.tx. Wilfull Impeniteney as a dhlefaEior; then to murder ones f lfe. Put him into a hole, drive a flake through his body, Cet a Monument of 11-lame on him. (I doe not know whether it be fo among you , but) it is fo in Come places, when a man murders himíelfe. So thou doll murder thy felfe, nay more thy beff felfe;thou makeji away thyfinite. Be vext then with thy wicked will, what a madde man am I ? I will have this lull, and I will have that padion, like the people, we will bave a King ozer no ; no !ayes Samuel, the Lordyour Clod, is your King; nay but we will have a King. So thou art wilfull, and thou wilt doe thus ; O doe not doe it, the Lord hath forbidden thee ? Nay but I will doe it. Thus thou art wilfull, and thou wilt to Hell ; vex thine own heart with this. When a wilful!Malefaiior, comes after wards to know that if he had not beetle wilfull thejudge would have Paved him, Oh how will it vex him ? he could even rend his own haire and teare his own flefh, what a madde man was I I I forfooke mine own Clergy,fo thou forfakenl thine own Clergy, thine own mercy ; tbey that bferve lying vanities for fake their own mercy; Jonah.2.8. vexe thine own heart with it, fay I have forfaken mine own mercy. Fifthly, confider if you would but vex own fides oi'h this ferious confideration, it would make you kicke your lull under 'Cote , and cry out upon them, our upon you , vet ye hence , as they cryed out upon their Idols, fy 30.22. get ye henc.,, get ye hence ; here is no en- tertainment for you from henceforth. I forfake mine own mercy as long as I keep you. H ving (bewedyou tbat except your beliefe of this point be rooted in ycurhearts,yee can never be humbled. F1rfl, becaufe hereby you excufyeur; Ives from allyou). tranf refonsbrfides originali. N iy fecondly, yee excufe your felves for your originals Piton. ' Nay thirdly', you mike all your f ones to be nothing but infirmities, invincible infirmities. Nay