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the grq /fc i self-murder. man what wilt thou that I doe unto thee ? Lord faies he that may receive my fight, 14 i8.4T. So the firfl queftion he puts to thee is, what wilt thou ? Lord that I may be humble, converted, purged : if thou beeil will- ful!, though he never take thee in hand, but leave thee to thy felfe, he will bejullified in thine eternall con!ü(ion. Flrf}, Is it not enough that thou ht If willingly fallen in Adam, but thou muff willingly ffand cut againe? God now calls thee to rneanes of grace, thou hall flood out once already and wilt thou be wilfull to (}and out againe? as Ifrael, though in a miftake, laid to their brethren, is the iniquity of Peor too little for us ; from the which we are not cleanfed to this d,y? but that ye muff turne away this day too? 7of12.22.17. So may ifay, is your willing apaffa- cy in Adam too little for you,from the which yee are not cleanfed to this day? but ye mull willingly hand out a- gainli Chri fi too ? Secondly, confider the very Stints ofGod that have not half, fa many will Hots as you,that.fticke, mare truly at a can- not ; I would doe the good but I cannot. I fay the very Saints ofGod they labour to humble themfelves every day:0 wretched man that I am fayes Paul,Iom.7.24- does Paul cry out, Oh wretchedman that 1 am ? he was a !I Saint of God, and beire of heaven, and fore of bli ffe ; does he cry out ofhimfelfe, that he was wretched? oh what infinite need then haft thou to be -humbled ! Thou -art yet a child of hell, and heire ofdamnation, wilfull in thy finnes to this honre, Oh tr'retcbed man that I am ?- Thirdly, confider the more(hamefadl ones finne is, the more reafan robe humbled; thy finne is moil (hamefull;for thou corrupteft thy (elfe, they have corruptedthemfeluss, Deut.32.I. fo thou corruptefl thy felfe, thy will core rupteth it felfe. Nay fourthly., confider thee's no greaterfhame then to ma1/4away ones felfe; thoudefroyefi thy felfe ; Oh Ifrael thouhaft defiroy'dthyfelfe. Morecredit to be ilab'd by the high way, nay more credit to be hanged on-a Patibulum as 77 Pfal 8r.tr. Confider- Hof.i$.5.