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gq. tYilfull 7mpenitency Note. --_. your own heads ; we have difharged our oath and our duty, we would be glad that you would; but if now you will not, we have difcharged our duties. Nay, Secondly, if you will not, the Gofpell bath delivered its errand, ye are guilty of yntr own everlaffing perdition ; the Gofpell hath delivered its meffage , and this is the met Cage. Whofcever mill , let him take of the water of lifefreely, Revelat.22. r y. This nieffage hath been delivered to you often; its the laft exhortation in the whole Bible: like one in the evening of the market, he is even about to take downe his (landing ; I have told you my lowell price,if you will have it, take it; if not, chute, I muabe gone. So this is the end of Gads booke ; as if he íhould lay, I am even a clofing up my booke, fpeake quickly , if yewill, come, and welcome; but ifnot lam gone. If yet you will not, you will not fubmit ; nay but you will have your lufts,and your flomacks will not come dcwne, you will not ftirre ajot beyond your painted civility and l orn,ali- ty ; youwill not be more confcionable then you have been, nor frequent holy duties more then you have done nor get more holinetfe then you have done, then if Will will have will, Will muff Winne woe ; the Gofpell hath delivered its meffage. Nay thirdly, if you will not : the bloud of Jefur (helfl bath done that it came for : it came to tender you mercy upon very eafie termes; to offer you grace and pardon, and fal. vation and Heaven, and all upon very fee cuff. Ifyou had rather that !lane (hould he your mailer, then that ( brift [Mould be yourmailer; if you will not hearken andobey, I fay the bloud of Chrift hath done that which it came for : and your fouler (hall know ye fhal/be werfe offered::you have knowledge of the truth , 1. - brill hath offered you very faire, andyou cannot but know it,andyet you will not fubmit to it ; affure your felves you (hall be worfe offered : for next to your mil notr,comer Chrift leavingyou defolate. As Ghent told 7erufalem, 'would, but you would net ; what follower ? Beholdyour hoafe is left untoyou de- date,