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the gro ti Self - awarder. folate, Mat.23 .3 7,38. So Chrifl would, and you would not; he bath given you gracious offers,but you will not: therefore you may look to be worse offered;, your foules. tobe defolate. Nay fourthly, Ifyou will not,yee murder your ownJoules; when a man bath murdred hinsfelfe, the Coroner comes and he does fit on him,and he enquires and he examines, and who bath murthered this man ? and when he finds that it was himfelfe that did murther him, fo he con- cludes, and that man is branded for murtherirag of him- (elfe ; fo you murther your own foules. The lower their foules were all murdred; well, when the Coroner fate on them, he concluded they had murdred themselves : h If rad thou haft d firoyel tby fill; Hof 53 9. So if the Coro. ner fit on thee , its molt certaine he íhall finde thou hail murdred thine own felfe; O what a company of you is there, your foules are quite murdred; one in one finne, another in another ; who bath murdred " there men? not God, he was ready to belpe them : nor the Minifier, he did ufe all meant; to five them; he path not been ,wanting to reach them and exhort them. Nu, your own (elves have murdred your fives; ycu would be carnal, andyou would be proud, andyeu wouldnot lie duwne to the word : when the Coroner fits on you he mull neceffarily conclude, you have murdred your felves;your own wills have condem- ned you. You remember what exhortations we gave you. As ever, yt-u regard mercy to humble your foules, we told you the jtrll qveffion Cbrifi a,4ec, is, ïfyee be willing,as lac ask'd the blind man, what wilt thou? Like 18.4 t.if thou beeft not willing, heel never take thee in hand : the fub- jellsoftheAingdomeof grace mull be willing. Chrift will never come into a foule,where his will may be affronted by another; Heaven cannot beare two funnes, nor ene heart calum non pa- two wills : i` thy will be not crucified, and made agreea- tour duos fetes. ble to thrifts, Chrift cannot dwell in thy hears ; there would be two contrary wills in one heart; and this can- not