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ir`'7!'a..,l.`X`t`0I;,,Q;C C j,y.i?}C ÿ, C yTJt ;yE .i="`iC .f°I S c . THE .01 .oz Pp V SOULS gLooking-Glaffe,&. i,Y e Lively reprefenting its eftate be- , e fore G O D: e With a 7-reat fe of e ur. e Confçience: S Wherein the Definitions 'and Diftirrai- mb <il ons thereofare unfolded, and feverall e V Cafes refolved. 0, Kx }.{Y, ,r By that Reverend and faithful Minifier of the Word, a,lliam Fenner, B. D. Sometimes Fel- low of Tembroke -H- all in Cambridge, and late Redor. of Roch- í ford in Flex. A c T s 24.16. I exerciif my Pelf to have alwa fs a confcience void of offence toward God and toward men. rir' e London,Printed by 7.R.& E.c.1 for John Rothwell at the Sun and Fountain in Paoli Church -yard. a 6 s I. ,.. yY }.ir,