Fenner - Houston-Packer Collection BX5037 .F46 1651

r. 88 Note. Wilful/ Inrpeniteney gry for nothing but mil Hots in his children, as Nehemiah !ayes of Gods people inludab, they would not heart, therefore God gave them up into the band of the people of the land, Nc- hem 9 3o.God is not angry with his people for cannots, hut onely for their wil Hots ; is is for our wil nots that God does not fo goe out with our Miniaers,nor foquic, ken his word to your hearts. It is for our mil not" that be threaten' oar land, and beginner to abridge us of our fpie iena! food, and fhewcs ominous fignes of bis departing away from us, and are me not even ficke unto death for theft Willnotí ? We complaine of our deadneffe, and what Crow we is the caufe, but our wIl Hots ? we complaine of our cos. ruptions and of the leaneneffe of our foules, and whom n ay we thanke, but our will hots ? we might grow more then we doe, what lets us,but our will nots ?What makes Come of us goe dowse the winde? as we fay; bi it becaufe we will not Rand on our guards. Thcfe, there, brethren, there will slots of outs, are the reafon shy G is prove- ked againfl ur. Oh let us put forth cur Pelves, and thake off thefe will pots, leafs anger breaks out, and there be no remedy; for ones crooked fervant to be ftubhorne,it is but his kinde: but for ones childe to be itubborne,this angers the father indeed. FINIS.