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" Matti Cbriftianii nomea ad judicium bab ^nt nan ad cemedill 4Domus ani me Guil. Parilenf. °Drsmtem' posa [ape.. riora cum nofirie corn- paro, dietro conpsevi plus altos conf(ientia renia titi n'oe bebte i(fe; nos con trà,lciciiti. e plus,con. (tientiemi- nus babere, Ben. Prejudi- cium jedi. cü.Tcr =ul. The Epifile to the Reader. they have lof all confcience of finne. AI* S. Auguftine faith of the name of a Chriftian, fo may I ray of confcience, Multi conkien- tiam habent, non ad remedium fed ad judicium, Many have a confcience for their condemnatign and not for their falvation. Confcience a it is the houfe of the foul: Bat ibis houle lieth tree and is mach minuted and decayed in there times, Wherein b never more fcience but never leffe confcience. Confcience e it is a private itedgement day before the publick day o f judgement : And it is an %ll prefage that molt people will never ftand upright in the court of heaven, becaufe they (land accreted and condemned in the court of confcience. Confcience is Gods preacher in our bofomes: And it is a mot certain rule; That that man that will not regard the preacher in his bofome,Will never regard the preacher in the pulpit. And the real n why the preacher in the pulpit doh no moregood, u becaufe thepreacher in the bo fame is ro much defpifed& negleaed. And ther- fore I doubt not but this book. ( there motives confidered) will be very acceptable to all thole that have or defire to have a good and quiet con / ience. For as .à S. Bernard molt excellently faith, Every mans confcience is his book ; and all books are written to dif- cover and amend the errours of the book of confcience, Let thole that trade this bookof confcience lookinto the bookof their own confcience,and emend all the faults of that bookby this. The reverend Authour of this bookwas a Minifler very confci- s Varcuiq; entinas, and one that had a great abilitie given him by God to liber ell, preach isnto and Work upon the confcience of people, to awaken the proprdacon- ee iecon dente, toin form erroneous con cience,to fettle the (cientm. da f p f f f f ad bunt li- doubefull confcience, and to comfort the wounded confcience :his beam dlf- fermons were all dipt in confcience : And therefore a fubjetl of Con cutierdum fcience muff needs be welcome from filch a preacher. It is true that la emen- this birth is hofl;humum opus, and cometh out after the death of ol the Authour :But I hope f i'will be the more lea to to revive the omnes salii p p g inventi memory of him whofe life and labours were defervedly preci- fent. ous in the elitern of Gods people. And if confcience, though for a while blind, and dumbe, and (eared, and put out of all office, will notwithflanding at left be put into office, and made to fee, fpeaÌ and feel, to the utter deftrutlion of an impenitent ¡inner; Why