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The Erile to the Reader. Why may not a dijcourfe of Confcience, though long agojlre ached , be fuffered to revive and live for the falvation of thofe that 'hall have grace to reade it aright ? efpecially conft'dering that thefe fèr- mons Were perfeEled by himfelf in his life time ? Much I could fay in commendation of this wortbie Divine, both in regard of his unWearifome pains in preaching , confuming hie Prælucen- omn bodie to fave the fouls of others, as alfa of. his learning and da pi pietee :but I forbear. All that I Will fay is this ; They that fully knew him ,did love and reverence him: and if any did dy efleem him, it was becaufe they did not fully know him. He is nolb alhining flarre in the firmament of heaven. And there are hun- dreds ofpeople that Will bleffe God to all eternity for his pains. He needeth not our prai /es, but our imitation. All that Idefre from you that reade thislbort treatife is this; That ye would either get a good confcience by the reading of this book, or bring a good confcience to the reading of it. Labour to make * Tant* eft an addition to the heavenly joyes of this faithfull fervant of God by dulced* making this book,a means to bring thy loud to thole heavenly joyes l t ¡an. which are at Gods right hand for evermore : which are joyes un- na guuula fpeakable andglorious, fo great, that * as S. Augufline faith, If dif jiueret is one drop ofthe jciyes of heaven fhould fall into hell, it would infernum, fwailow up all the bitterneffe of Heil. And thatcodWouldmake totamama- you heirs of this joy, is the prayer or your foul friend infcani ab forboret. ED M. CALAMY.