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The le V eclicatory. much occa f on to pra fe their God on your bahal f, for fo many able and faithfull Miners of the Gojell of the firf1, f cond, and third mag- nitude, that your prudent, fatherly care hath fixed, where you as Patron, have been tru fled. Oh the many Chariots and Horfemen of If- rael, that your Noble Father and you have brought triumphantly into Effex (herein you did happily Patrizare) the Lord continue the like care to build and repair his NO in thole who fur - vive you, from Generation to Generation, that fo your Hopfe may ftill be honourably fupported. Ecclefaflicall Story fpeaks of one Henricus Auceps, when he did fight againf} the Hunga- rians, made this vow to God That if the Lord would give him viEtory againfl his Enemy, he would purge his Country from Symony, which at that time mightily abounded therein. We want men of fuch an heroical! Zealous diiofìti- i on in England. Oh that all Patrons were more mindful! of their high tru(h then they would not fo often betray the fòuls of people by putting off a friend, &c.with a Living to force unworthy Chap- aKi. t;,t4 Vide Simp. fon. Eccle/ Hifi. lib.;. Cent. io.