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The .Eple Dedicatory. walk in the light és- heat of that glorious Gofpel con flellation (for Miniícers are Stars,and the* An- gels of the Churches) which you have endeavo- red to fix in Your Orb. Your Honor hath been often at Sea, and there beholding the . won- ders of God in the deep, have been taught to wreflle with him for mercy. It is an old Paying, He that would learn to pray ,let him go tofea. Befiege hea- ven with your unwearied importunities that the Ark of the Gofpel,which you have pro- vided for thoufands, may beyour own everlafling SanEtuary. And that you feafting upon their dainties, may be fat and flouri Thing in your lafl dayes; !landing fledfafl in theft fhaking times, and immovable,keeping faith and a good conJcience, (which too many having put away, concerning faith, have made Phi rack) more and more a- bounding in the work of the Lord, forafmuch as you know your labour is not in vain in the Lord. This, through the grace of Chrit, (hall be the earnefFprayer of him who is (My Lord) Your Honour's moff. obliged Servant, THOMAS HILL. Rev.' . zo. &z.t. * So ac- knowled- ed by che Tt'aníl.t- tors in the contents of Revel. z. They, it feems, did not think thefe An- gels co be Prelates. vi ?wren orare, dif cat vaviga- re. Jon. t. 5 Phis 2.9,14 t Cot. ts. lri.