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inillint-8-813;1134 To the Right Wor/hipful My much Honoured Friend, St NATHANIEL RICH. Have been often thinking what to fendyou ; at laß this Theme which I have lately treated ofin the Pulpit came into my min: It's of infinite ufe and nece tie, and a Truth little examined, confsdered, or laid to heart yet marvellous neceffary for humiliation to all the children of God, and of great weight for the making the world guilty be- fore God. I had thought to have fens it to my Lord of War- wick for his Jubcifive hours : and if you judg it profitable, af- ter your perufall of it, to commit it unto him from mee, you /hall do well. I am ferry to hear of Each ìt Worthy's felZnefs or weale z Ki. I3.14 nefs : Now Elifha the man of God was fallen lick : the very words are able to fpriks thorow. The Lord lendyon health,and ßrength,and peace,and comfort,and joy : It is not enely matter of courtelle to pray for fach as you are, but of debt ; and our ne- cellities and duties call for it, and mine more ef]ecially. The Lor4be mercifull to me, and to many in raifingyou up, and make you plenus dierum, and ferus in coelum redire : That's all the hurt that I wifhyou ; and fo I commendyou to the word of his power that is able to keep you, and reß Yours in the Lord J E S U S, WILLIAM FENNER.