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20 i A Treat fe of Gonfcience. II.Propa- fition. ever with you. When two live ever together they had need not offend one another; elfe there will be no quiet : You and your confciences mutt ever live together: if ye offend them,ye are like to have very ill lives. Better live with a cunt fcold, then live with an offended confcience ; ye had better offend the whole world then offend confcience. There are none whom ye are always to live with ; but confcience ye are always to live with,. Ye are not always to live with your hvsbands, nor always with your wives, nor always with your parents or mailers., there is a time when you mutt part, but confcience and you will never part : Therefore labour to keep it void of offence. And thus. much of the fittt Propofition, There is in every man a confci- ence. Propofition II. The light that Confcience alleth by, is knowledge. His knowledge is twofold; r. Of Gods law. a. Of our L felves. a. The knowledge of Gods law. To know Gods will what is good, what is bad ; what God commandeth, what he for - biddeth. Every man under heaven hath this law of God in fame meafure writ in his confcience. I confeffe, Gods chil- dren only know Gods law to purpofe, as it is a light to guide them in.the way of falvation : but all the world have force mea- iùre of knowledge, whereby they may gather that there is a God; and that he ought to be worfhipped and obeyed, and that he hath power over life and death. All the world have knowledge in force meafure, what is good, and what is not, what is to be done and what not, what is according to confci- ence and what not : All the world have this knowledge in force meafure; I do not fay, enough for falvation, but enough to make them inexcufable before God for not following that light, and not living according to . that knowledge which they have. If there werenot force light in this behalf, föme know- ledge of the law of God in every man, confcience could do no thing. x.Know-