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A Treatire of Con fcience. 12 I 2. Knowledge of our felves : This allo is the light that con- l fcience aneth by. There is in every man force meafure of know- ledge of bimfèlf according to the meafure of knowledge that he hath of Gods law. Our confciences look backward and forward; forward to Gods law, and backward on our felves. Whether we be finch as Gods law requireth, yea or no. Firfl, ye may finde this in good men. This light did the confcience of Pf. 1e.2; David go by : I was upright before God, faith his confcience, and I Dept my Pelf from mine own iniquity. His confcience had a light whereby he knew what he did. Secondly, ye (hall finde this in wicked men.This light the confcience of Achau went by: 1 have finned againft the Lord God of Ifrat!, and thus and thou have I done. Thefe are the two lights that every mans confcience goes by t It bath light in fcme meafure to know theLaw of God,what he fhould do and what he fhould not do; and'it hath light in force meafure to know himfelf, what he bath done or not done, whe- ther hehath done as he fhould yea or no. Now thefe two lights are neceffary; as thus T prove. Firff, the knowledge of Gods Law is neceffary, for elfe con- fcience cannot work. A drunkard might be drunk every day in the yeere, and yet confcience could not trouble him nor con- demne him of fin unleffe he knew the Law, That God hath for- bid drunkenneffè. And fo the (wearer. And fo evill words and bad thoughts confcience cannot accufe for, unleffe there be fo much light as to know they are forbidden, And therefore Di- vines do all fay that the Synterefîs is neceffarie to the exercife of confcience. The Syntere/is is this; When a man keeps in his minde the knowledge of the things contained in Gods Law :. namely, That we muff obey God, honour our parents, not commit adultery, not kill, not Real, not lie, not covet, &c. Un- leffè the knowledge of thefe be kept in minds con Icience cannot work. And therefore when we would ffirre a mans confcience, we appeal to his knowledge; Know you not that the unrighte. otu /hall not inherit the kingdome of God ? As if he had laid, Your own confciences may condemn you to the pit of hell if ye be unrighteous, loíh.7.to. n Cor,6 9