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1- To the Chri íhian Reader, who de- fireth to hold fait the form of found words in faith and love,. which is in Chri1i Jc us, and to advance Free. Grace above Free will. r sf sf Op admirably wife and fatherly hath . üLe eS Ce ÑT been the Lords care of his Churches .13 M El' in all ages ; and when there were falfe Vo I PS Prophets under the old Teftament, the Lord had his Jereiniahs to confute them, whom he made a defenced City, an Iron pillar, and brazen wals againft all oppofition.When the Dived furred up Hymeneus, Philetus, and others, to un- dermine the'truths of the Gofpel in the times of the new Teftament., The Lord raifedand accomplifhed his Paths to confound them alfo. You (hall find when the Churches of Chrift are in a wildernefe condition, and the Serpent cafts out of his mouth waters as a foond after the woman; that is, multitudes of unfound and Hereticall opinions, the earth hel- ped the woman, and opened her mouth, and fwal lowed the floud which the Dragon call out of his mouth : that is, Jefus Chrift had tho fe here that did encounter and overthrow all falfe DoCtrine,svith which the Divell by his agents endeavoured to poy f on and defiroy the Churches. Betides the four generali Councells, namely , that of Nice , when Arius a Presbyter of Alexandria denying that the Son of God Jer.z.t;8. z Tim.i.so. Rev. z a. 15. z6. See learned Mr. Mead his excellentBook on the place.