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4g 1 ATreatie of Conictence. Aas Zo. eth us bound i n the fpirit to do it ; as 'Paul fai d, Igo bound in az, the fpirit to do it. See how importunale this faithful confcience Pi ;' 3" was with the Pfalmifl : IWill not give fleep to mine eyes , nor plumber to mine eye. lids, until I find out a place for the Lord. It will not take any nay, fay we what we will : fay we be fleepy, fay we be bulie, fay we be loth and full of excufes, it will be importunate, and that with vehemency. It will follow a man if he will not hear it, with a hue and cry of inward checks. It will fometime promife, fometimes threaten, urge us with hope, fear, danger, &c. As we Would be Paved, We muff do this ; As we would efcape the wrath to come, we mull forbear that. Thus importunate is a faithful confcience. Vfe I . 1. We lee here what a great bleffing it is to have fuch a faith- ful confcience, fuch a faithful friend in our bofome, which will be careful to tell us of all our duty, and perfwade us to it;'and ofevery evil, and diffwade us from it. It will not flatter us in any thing, but tell us plainly, This ye Jhould do ;this ye Jhould not do. It regardeth not what pleafeth us; but what is good for us, that it looketh to, and that it perfwadeth to, and that it ur- geth. O what a bleffing is this I This bleffing had thofe willing [fraelites who gave fo freely and largely towards the building of the Tabernacle. The text faith, that their heart furred Exod. 35. them up : and their fpirit made them willing. Mark ; u. their heart (that is , their confcience ) slurred them up ; Te have bracelets ; ofer them, faith confcience : re have ear -rings and jewels, &c. part With them too, faith confcience, to furth_r this pious work i n hand Their fpirit made them txil- ling; Their faithful friend in their bofome, confcience over- came them with arguments and flrong perfwafions. This is a grear bleflìng to have fuch a faithful confcience: It will make a man part with all his lulls, pride, felf-love, covetoufneffe,car- nal delights, for Gods glory and our own true good. IL It is a ligne that God meaneth well to that man to whom t'fe 2. he bath given a faithful confcience. O this is an Angel - keeper indeed. Did not Chrill mean well to his Church in the Can - Canc.6.a titles, when he gave her fuch a confcience as carried her on 13. wheels