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To the Chriftian iteader. When a Pelagius to advance Free-will into the Throne of Free-grace,tbenGod would raife up anAu- ftine, (that great light of the Church in his time)to depofe that, to reflore this to its crown dignity. This Pelagius wets born in Britain the fame day thatAuftin in Affrick;he was the it'll. prefuriiptuous Advancer of the pride of Free -will. "Yee did not thinke the grace of God to be neceffary for the helping ,of Free -will for good things in every act. This was condemned in the Councell o Carthage, wherein indeed to fave bimfelf he did equivocate in the word grace, acknowledging a na- turall, an exciting, and after_converfion an airli- fting grace. This Doctrine was likervife .condem- ned in the Synod of Paleftna z zoo years ago, and therein Arminianifm kild before it was born, by the flrength of that place, Tittr.z.9 This Pelagiushad his Scholers, Julianus and Ç. - leftinus ; efus Chrift would not then leave Au- {tin without fome Difciples to conflict with thofe (as Chryfoftome had his Oecumenius, and Theophi- 1aa his Pediffequi, his followers) fò was there a Profper, and Hilary Arelatenfis to encounter the old Mafsilians, and Semipelagians in France.. And when there was a Fauftus Regienfis (a mo ft fubtilladverfary) a Pif hop who did clofey de- fend Pelagianifin in two Books of Free -will The Church Mould have a Fulgentius, and Pettus Dia- conus,& others to oppofe him.Tea,fintence+was then given againffPealgius andSemi - pelagians, in the councel of Orange. In the general.,tbat their opini- ons touching free -wil dr. free- grace,were not agreea- hie to the Catholick faith. A z Fur- Dempflertu ex Wal ida refert codera die ;quo iUe in Anglia nano, tenebrae errorum tori mundo ef fundir, fummum Eccic- fia lumen Au- guf}inum in Africa crnicuif fe : About An.D,4t8, Note. Damnato ante- ; quarr nata Ar- mini opino. Vide learned ArchBi.UJher's molt excellent Difcourfe of Free -will, in his Anfwer to the Jefuites Challenge. About Au. D. 529