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To the Chriftianiteader. Further, about the Teer 8.5o, one Johannes Sco- tus (not he which wrote upon the Sentences with fo much oppofition againfl Thomas Aquinas, but an-1 ther) wrote a Book. againfl Predeítination,which the Church of Lyons confuted with a godly and learn- ed Book. one Godefcalcus, a man of the Low- Countries, is reckoned in the member of this age, about the yeer of our Lord 849, becaufe he fpake of Predeflination periloufly, to wit, That thofe who were predefti- nated to life by the decree of Gods predeftination, were forced to do well : and thofe who were pre deftinated to condemnation, were forced by the decree of God to do evill but he was refilled by Hincmarus and other learned men. This infectious errour Pelagianifine fpread into England, where it was apt to take the deeper root- ing, becaufe Pelagius himfeif by birth was a Brit tan : But the Lord rained learned Bradwardine, Arch- bifhop of Canterbury and others to ap- pear in the caufe of God, and of Free grace, and to fortifie the Churches againft all the Pelagian, whom Auguftin cals Inimicos gratiæ Dei ; and Fulgen- tins, Vafa Iræ Dei. Afterwards the fubtilty of the serpent infinuated himfelfinto the Garden of the Church by the wit and learning of Fauftus Socinus (another infauftus Fau- ftus in Poland.) They who have opportunity to con- fuit Socinus books de Minifterio,and the Catechif- mus Cracovienfis (a weft fubtill and dangerous book) (hall finde the feeds of Arminianifine, their Helenalc. Media Scientia (howe;pér Molina and o- ther