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641 A Treatife of Gonfcience.. will be obedient,but they are obedient,not indeed, not humbled indeed,not reform'd indeed.What it is tobe obedient indeed,fee exod.2 3.22.73ut if thou fhAlt indeed obey his voyce, and do al(that I fhall(peak & c.Mark;that is obedience indeed when we do al that God fpeaketh,and are obedient in all things. This is an upright confcience,when the heart is bent to obedience in all things.An Aft. a3 t. example we meet with in Paul ; I have lived in all good confci- ence before God untill this day. His confcience could not accufe him of any root of wickednef(e and corruption allowed and cherifhed in him : That is an upright confcience. Haft thou fuch a confcience as this, My confcience can truly bear witneffe there is no finne I favour my [el fe in allow my[elfe in but condemne all, flrive againfi: all. Thus David proveth that his confcience was upright ; If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord Will not hear my prayer. The regarding of any iniquity will not (land with uprightnefîe. A fecond thing required to a true quiet confcience is purity. Though our heart be upright and (land generally bent to the Lords will, yet if we be guilty of Tome particular (inne this will hinder the quiet of our confcience. Therefore faith Paul, I t' r 4 4 know nothing by my felf; that is, nothing to accule me; no cor- ruption, no root of unbeliefe reigning in him : Infirmities he had many , and frailties, he had many, and he knew them, but he knew nothing to accule him. Whatever was ami(fe in him, his confcience told him he ufed all holy means againfl ir. If thy confcience can truly fay thus alto of thee, then haft thou a truly quiet confcience. Thirdly, Affurance of Gods love, favour, and pardon. Though we have fallen into great finnes, yet our confciences may have quiet if we can be truly affured of Gods love and fa-. vour in the pardon of them. The Apoflle proveth that the fa- Heb . crificei of the law could not purge away J3nne; but onely Chrills blood can do it. His argument to prove it is this. Becaufe thofe facrifices could not free a mati from having confcience of (inne; they could not purge the confcience : but Chriis blood can : After affurance of Pardon in Chrifls bloud confcience can no more