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A Treati fe of Conscience. 61 more condemne for Cnne, how many or how great Bever the finnes were which have been committed. Theft are the three 1 things required to a true quiet confcience. Furthermore a quiet conscience implieth two things r. A calmneffe of fpirit : a. A chearfull, merry and comfort- able heart, Thefe two I mean when I fpeake of a quiet con- fcience T. A calmneffe of fpirit, or a quietneffe of minde, not trou. bled wich the burden offn nor the wrath of God, nor terrified with the judgments due unto fnne. This quietneffe and calm - neffe of fpirit is promifed to all them that truly hearken unto Chrift and obey him; who fo harkeneth to me (hall be quiet from fear of evil. a. A chearfull, merry and joyful) heart. When our confci- encegiveth acomfortable teltimony of us, it cannot but make our hearts joyful). This is our rejoycing, the ref%imony of our confcience, faith Paul: The comfortable teftimony which his i 2 tor. i. confcience gave of him made him to rejoyce. A wicked man 12' cannot truly rejoyce : no, though he be merry and joviall and laugh, yet his carnali eflate is a fnare, he can have no true joy; but the righteous ling and rejoyce, Prov.29.6. No mirth like the mirth of a good confcience. All other joy is but ourfde, painted, feeming joy : That is only true joy that is rooted in the comfortable teftimony of an upright good confcience,which telleth a man hi, peace is made with God, and that whether he be in f knefle or in health God loveth him, Whether he live or die he ú the Lords. Thus yee fee what a quiet confcience is, How a quiet confcience in the godly differeth from the quiet confcience that es in the wicked. THe Lcond thing propounded to be confidcred about a quiet confcience, is, How it differeth from that quiet con- fcience which is in the wicked. t. I confeffe that the wicked Teem to have a very quiet confcience : Many thoufands of car - nall people Teem to live and die in quiet. Look Into ale - houles, g lewd Pro.1.3 3.