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Treat fè o f Conference. A 7 I. The quiet of a good confcience arifeth_ from a diftind knowledge of the word of God, and of the precepts and pro - mifes conteined in it : But the quiet of an evil confcience ari- feth from ignorance : When men know not God nor his holy I word, which fhould bind confcience, they fear nothing becaufe they fee nothing; they know not the danger of fin : Like a blind man (landing before the mouth of a cannon, he feareth no danger becaufe he feeth none : fo carnall men fear not bccaufe they know not what caufe they have to fear- Their very pray- ers that they make are an abomination to God, and they know it not : their good duties they do are all like cockatrices cgs, and they know it not; they know not that they are in the bond of iniquity, in the fnare of the devil. Their confciences are quiet . becaufc they know not what taut they have to be otherwife. This is one difference; The quiet and peace of a good confci -. encearifeth from light and from knowledge ; the quiet and peace of an evil confcience, from darkneffe and ignorance. 2. The quiet of a good confcience arifeth from a due examinan tion of our (elves by the word , and purging of our confciences. Confcience never can be good without purging and fprinkling ; no nor without a due examination : the quiet of a good confci- ence arifed from this, Whereas the quiet of a wicked mans con- fcience arifeth from want of this : He never examineth his con- fcience, but letteth it Beep till God a wake it with horrour. I fay, a wickedrnacts confcience fleepetb, and that maketh it quiet , and he is not troubled nor mplefled with it. Like abaillif or fer- geant fallen afleep by the way ; the defperate dcbtour whom he lieth in wait for, may paffe by him then, and find him very quiet, and not offer to arreft him : or like a curft dog fallen afleep ; a firanger may pale by him then and not be meddled with : Such like is this quiet evil confcience. 3. The quiet of a good confcience arifeth from a good ground, from the works of Gods Spirit, from true faving grace, from righteoufneffe.Rom. 14.17. we reade of righteoufne ffe and peace :True peace of confcience arifeth from righteoufneffe : whereas the falfe peace of the wicked arifeth only from vain J K x Heb. I o, 2:.