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66 ( ATreatfe o f Confcaence. Jub.xi. 23. Ezek. 44.231 ifa,g7.39. verJ,2I. lewd hordes into all places ; who fo merry and brisk , and heart-whole( as they fay) as they who have no Paving grace ? Yet 2. this quiet confcience in them muff needs differ from the quiet confcience of the children of God. Certainly the Lord will nor give the childrens bread unto dogs; neither will he fmile upon-their foules; neither doch he pardon the finnes nor ac- cept the perlons of the ungodly : And therefore if they have a quiet confcience, it mull needs differ from that in the godly. Mull not copper needs differ from gold ? And we who are the Lords meffengers mull teach you the difference: They /ball teach my people the difference between the, holy and the profaine. Now the queflion is this, Wherein lyeth the difference between the quiet confcience of the righteous and the quiet confcience of the wicked ? Jinfiv. The difference between them lyeth in l foure things : i. In the thing it felf ; 2, In the cattle ; 3. In I the effe& ; 4. In the continuance. I. In the thing it felfe. The quiet confcience in the godly is double; not onely apparentiall and nominali, but real) and fubllantiall : it is quiet and quiet too, peace and peace too: I create the fruit of the lips, peace, peace. Mark ; peace and peace Itoo; peace in appearance, and peace in truth and fubitance alfo. But the. peace and quiet of confcience which the wicked f have is not fuch peace : It is peace and no peace; peace in ap- pearance, but no peace in truth. Their god is: the god of. this world, and he perfwadeth them they have peace : But my God, faith the Prophet,fpeaketh otherwife : There is no peace to the wicked faith my Clod. They talk of a good confcience tome - times, and boafl they have a good confcience ; but the truth is, they cannot have true peace within: for faith the Prophet, the wicked id like the troubled lea which cannot reff,rrhofe xvaters call up mire and dirt. So doth a wicked mans confcience fecret- ly call up mire and dirt in his face : His peace can onely be out- ward and apparentiall. Il. There is a difference in the caufe. The quiet of a good confcience arifeth from one caufe, and the quiet of a bad con - fcience arifeth from another, a. The