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To the C hriftian Reader. bring Religion to ferve State purpofes, LA'nd fo carried on the Arminian defigne there. Theft dif- ferences about the power of Free -will, and filch things as hang upon that ( for there is the primum moyens) now came to be reduced to five Articles, which beg-ate the conference at Hague, betwixt both parties ; which is reported both byBrandius, and Bertius. About this time came up the name of Remon- firants, as the name Proteftant had formerly. Whereupon Dr. Ames (once Fellow of Chrifts Colledg in Cambridg , but in Doctor Carey's time then Mafter of that place , it grew too hot . for him, he not complying with the prefent Ce- remonies , and having Preached a Sermon at the Univerfity Church againft playing at Cards, which would not then be born) was by the difpofing hand of Divine providence carryed in- to thofe parts, where (as the Aufbne of that time and place) he did graple with all the Pa- trons of Free-will. Li as an Appendix to that conference at Hague, (u it is fet forth by Brandies) wrote that excellent book of his Co- ronis. But (till Arminius his difciples aóted to their utmoff ; Bertius , Grevinconius, and others To diffracted thofe Churches, that there was a necefsity of calling a Synod , which God gave them as a happy remedy, An. Dom. 1618. oh the unwearied activity of adverfaries to the cafe of Chrift (which should make others blufh to move fo heavily in afferting the Dodrinc of Free- As the name Prote(taut was given firft to the princes free Cities of Ger- many that fought Refor- mation in the Diet at Spiro, An.D. iszg. and from them paffed to us and other Countries where it was effefted. Synod ofDort, A- D.161a.