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To the Chiifliatt Readeri. ;say, from place to plate, as pitying many poor pining [educed Pules under blind' and fitperftitious Mini:fters. The Lord j dl'heir heart ` tvìtl, corn- pafsion,iothem, tvho''hetle ?Omer fn' their hicnds''to fupply them, that fo millions do not perifh for avant of vifion. Afterwards the noble Earl of Warwick fixed hint nt Rochford in Effex, where he did /peak and do great things to the honor of Free -grace ; He lived there more by aEting vigoroufly to his great Lord and Mailer Jefus Chrift, in a few years,then me of us his Brethren do in many. o that we who are left behinde in theft confli- cting times could more punctually and clofely follow his example ; It is not flaying the ground- leffe fopperies of Popery , nor the immerfng' our minds wholly into f ome dry difputes concerning fame externalls and formes about Religion, f as too many do now a dayes, being engaged in a par- ty ) that will fpirituallize us or our hearts fo much as Studying and Preaching over the Co- venant of Grace ; The myflerous and heavenly fecrets of the Go/1ßell rightly opened and wifely ap- plyed, will by Gods blefsing breed a Gofpell fpi- rit in thee, leave a gracious tincture upon the fiirits of Teachers and Hearers ; whereas. .poi fibly for want of this , there may be a legali tart- neffe and feverity in the Spirits and Tongues of a- ble and good men. The gracious and powerfttll Lord who onely teacheth to profit , annoynt all his Saints with that holy Unction that they may be able to dif- B 2 tern It is not e- nough lequi magna, u nle fs we do magna viverc,as Eraf