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,T ifl oenc s, non dbwµali- Jer. 17.9. Note. Ecclef. z. i I. 'John 535 To the'Chriftian Reader. ham was wont to do) endeavouring to rectifie and reduce them. He knew how to deale wifely with fubtile adver- faries, that he might have the more advantage a- gaini them ; grants them, as mach as he could with conjiftency to his owne principles, that fo he might the more eafily confound theirs ; onely you will be fo candid as to confider that herein he #eakes ad popu- lum; and therefore as the ancient Fathers, of- ten ufeth the liberty ofJ eaking like a Preacher rather then as a Doctor of the Chaire. I reckon this a very ftrong argument to confute the power of Free -will to any fpirituall a&tion in a gracious manner, the wofull experience of mine owne wretched heart, being naturally fo defierate- ly wicked, oppofite to any fßirituallgood; But this will not convince others l only by the way I would know how it comes to paff e,if Arminius his Dotrine be true, that we have Free-will to choofe that which is truly good, why Arminians are not all 1 very good men ? Will not this be an aggravation main ahem attie dreadfulllay of judgement ? ) Therefore the Lord is móft admirably gracious in giving us fach Mafters of the Affemblies to fatten [itch Scripture truths as may hold us fait and dole under the Covenant of Grace. He was a bleíling to the colledg where hee was fellow, of Pembrooke Hall in Cambridge (which bath been a fruitfull nurfery to this Church, and an ornament to the Univerfity ) and after a burning and flirting light in Staffordshire; Ike delighted much in Preaching ire an Ev ng licall way,